10/10/10 is a Sunday, and as such, many Christians will be going to church that day.  But that is definitely not stopping folks from also joining in the Global Work Party. 

Already we've heard from our friends at the World Council of Churches, who are culminating the Time for Creation season on 10/10/10—an exciitng follow-up from ringing the bells in thousands of churches 350 times last year. And we got this great article from Mark Schut at the US Episcopal Church not long ago also: "Jesus with a Shovel…"

Today we just learned of a church is Seattle, Washington that will be turning their weekly Sunday coffee-hour into a work party, and they've even produced a PDF sharing ideas for how you can do the same:

Click here to download that PDF.

Click here to chek out what the folks at St Paul UCC are doing on 10/10/10 in Seattle.