350 Aerial in Poznan, Poland The climate change negotiations here in Poznan, Poland are on pause today in recognition of the Mulsim holiday, Eid al-Adha.

As we await the coming days of crucial negotiations leading towards a new global climate treaty, we are not about to sit idly by. Rather, we joined with over 200 people here in Poznan’s Freedom Square to form the beautiful image on the left.

Inspired by the AOSIS and LDC countries’ shared vision to reach 350 ppm co2, we created the shape of a human form on a threatened small island raising up the 350 target — the goal we must set for the sake of many countries’ very survival and a safe global climate.

Many thanks to all who joined in the event, braving the cold and wet. Hopefully this photo, along with many 350 photos being displayed here in Poznan, can capture the hearts and imaginations of some more delegates in these negotiations and help move the talks in the right direction.

Aerial art directed and photographed by John Quigley/Spectral Q