The big day is here in DC — for hours now, people have been streaming into Washington to prepare for what looks to be the largest climate rally in US history.

If you want to follow along, there will be a livestream of all the action in DC that starts at Noon Eastern (9 AM Pacific) — just go to when the time comes, and press play to watch the action as it unfolds.

Also, here in DC we’ll have a big screen down on the Mall today, and any photos you send with messages of support to [email protected] during the action will be shown up on the big screen. We’ll also be showing Tweets, Instagram photos or Pintrest pins tagged with #ForwardOnClimate.

I’m sure Bill McKibben will send along a full report when the rally is over, but for now just enjoy seeing this big movement move — and follow the up-to-the minute updates by following @350 on Twitter or just look at the tweets below!

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