As we get closer and closer to Sunday, it's harder to post good updates on the blog about everything we are hearing about – not only is there more to do, but more and more organizers are coming through with amazing ideas for the 10th.  So, it's really nice to receive this email from Rauf in Azerbaijan with the photos and some text about what is going on attached and ready to go! Without further ado, here are some of the plans for Azerbaijan from Rauf:

Azerbaijan: the little country in the South Caucasus. The hospitable people of this oil-rich country are struggling not only with local ecological problems but also facing negative affects of global climate change. And it’s getting worse year by year.

70% of 9 million population of Azerbaijan are youth and they play the leading role in tackling the problem.  All seven Global Work Party events to be held in our country are organized by youth who are participating in different youth or student organizations. One of them is “IRELI” Public Union ('ireli' stands for 'go forward' in azeri) which is the biggest youth organization in Azerbaijan. In order to attract people we are planning a 12 hour event named “10/10/10 Global Work Party Azerbaijan: THINK GREEN”. It will start at 10:10am in historically center of Baku city and end at 10:10pm. You can also check out our Facebook page here.  Organizers are sure that there will be at least 500 youth attending the Global Work Party here!


Here is the short list of activities during Think Green:

  • Trainings by local experts on global warming and climate change theme
  • Short presentations about green community by Ireli members
  • “Green treasure hunters” city game
  • City cleaning walk
  • Survey among citizens
  • Informing people about climate change and rising awareness
  • Shooting a film about 10/10/10 activities in Azerbaijan
  • “Age of stupid” movie night
  • @ 10:10pm unplug yourself for 10 minutes and so

Now the organizers of event are going to finish all preparation and waiting impatiently for Sunday…