This is a guest post by our good friend Miroslav Polzer in Ljubljana, Slovenia.  Miro came to us at with an incredible idea: 350 Hz signals broadcast around the globe on the 24th of October.  As it happens, 350 Hz is close to an ‘F’ tone on the musical scale, and so Miro and our team at dreamed up a contest as well – the "350 Global Challenges Song World Cup"  If you’re a musician and haven’t gotten involved in making music for the movement yet, or if you are simply an aural afficionado, check out Miro’s announcement and get involved!

On October 24th, from 5 to 12 AM Copenhagen time we are organizing a 350 hz Signal to be broadcasted all over the world (radio stations, TV stations, etc.) thus synchronizing the world on 350!

In order to sustain the momentum of the "The world synchronized on 350" initiative from October 24th to UN climate talks in Copenhagen and beyond, this call for acoustical action is combined with an Call for contributions to a „350 Global Challenges Song World Cup“. The songs should either thematically address the global efforts for climate change action, climate justice, solidarity, etc. or focus on the tone ‘F’ (some kind of „Improvisations towards 350“, etc.).

This „350 Global Challenges Song World Cup“ is organized in cooperation with „International Association for the Advancement of Innovative Approaches to Global Challenges IAAI Vienna – Ljubljana“ (a NGO established in 2007 to promote and co-ordinate globally innovative approaches to global challenges) within their "Global Challenges World Cup / Climate Protection World Cup" initiative.

„Music will save the world!“ is a slogan that has inspired generations of musicians. The „Global Challenges Song World Cup“ is intended to give this hope a new meaning and an institutional backing, where joint efforts towards global climate change action are emphasized over the religious/linguistic/national/generational/ethnic cleavages which divide us.

In order not to generate exaggerated expectations, it has to be said that „Global Challenges Song World Cup“ is a new, evolving initiative based on voluntary engagement of IAAI members and support.  It can easily happen that we will have to face technical, logistical and/or many other problems. But for us there is no doubt that the initiative „The World Synchronized on 350“ and the „350 Global Challenges Song World Cup“ are important, innovative steps towards global community building for climate change action and for future oriented dialogue among civilizations.

Our message to you is: Your voice and your music are needed for global climate action!!  We hope that you trust our vision and therefore accept our invitation to support our initiative by:

1. Sending us your 350 Hz signal (singing, playing an instrument, perhaps you know a celebrity that could contribute her/his 350 Hz signal, too). These signals will be put on homepage in order to provide the radio stations with a choice of signals in addition to the plain tone generator 350 Hz signal

2. Submitting your 350 song (upload it on youtube and send the link [email protected] by December 1st 2009 12 AM CET (the songs are supposed to be licensed under Creative Commons License).  Voting will be open till December 31st 2009 at