I just stepped out of the Persian Gulf. In a manner of speaking. I just took part in the Human Countdown, a fantastic kick off for NYC’s Climate Week and the Global Wake up Call today.

Hundreds of people dedicated their Sunday afternoon to come out to New York City’s Central Park and make an aerial art theater piece in the Trump Wollman Ice Rink. It was a real pleasure to meet many of you, 350 supporters, in the crowd, and to make friends with many more people, and to connect with partner organizations in attendance..

We couldn’t think of a better time to launch a brand new aerial art toolkit, put together by our good friend John Quigley–Spectral Q. Read on for details:

 Spectral Q invites you to co-create the world’s largest Aerial Art Mosaic on Saturday, October 24, 2009 in support of the International Day of Climate Action Campaign.

We just returned from Homer, Alaska where hundreds of fishermen and mariners spelled out a 600’ x 400’ “SOS” with fishing boats, skiffs, and kayaks on the water in Kachemak Bay.  Spectral Q’s most recent (and epic!) aerial art event raised awareness about ocean acidification and the negative effects CO2 has had on our oceans.

And now you’re invited to co-create a Aerial Art Mosaic with us and other inspired people from across the globe!

 The general idea is for you to create an image composed of people, spelling out ‘350’ on October 24 and email us your photo to be included in the world’s largest human aerial art mosaic photograph display.

The concept is to mobilize activists throughout the world in as many countries and languages as possible in solidarity to convey a singular message, utilizing the unique medium of Human Aerial Artwork. To sign up & receive the ToolKit and more info click here: www.spectralq.com

As a painter uses paint, Aerial Art uses human bodies as its medium.  Each person involved BECOMES art, a mosaic within a mosaic, within a mosaic, making it a very personal, and collaborative art form.  The finished product is not only the photograph, but the stories of the experiences each person and the group has to share of what it took to actually make the image happen at every level.  It’s a thrilling process…a truly unforgettable experience.

 Spectral Q has assembled a team dedicated to aerial art coaching for this event.  Each coach will assist participating 350.org community organizers and artists with the planning, execution and documentation of their own human aerial art image.

Relying upon the experience and expertise of world-renowned aerial artist John Quigley, Spectral Q has created more than 130 images on 7 continents, and  has designed an official Aerial Art Manual to provide instruction and guidance on how to create an inspiring image with your local section.

 Secure your participation in this Aerial Art Mosaic Project and International Day of Climate

Action and be introduced to your official Aerial Art Coach as soon as possible!
To sign up & receive the ToolKit and more info click here: www.spectralq.com

Or email us directly at: [email protected]