A few days ago, we received by email a series of photos from a very cool collaborative art project created by students of the University of Costa Rica. The project included participants writing and painting messages about climate change and the number 350 – here you can see photos of the participants and read a short summary from organizer Diego Guardia le Franc:

The University of Costa Rica orgnaized the Costa Rican forum about the risks of climate change, which included on the agenda discussions about adaptation and mitigation. Representatives of the UN, Ministries of Health, Agriculture and the Environment, and the University all participated in the discussions. The event was held in celebration of United Nations Day on Friday, October 24th in the Auditorium of General Studies of the University of Costa Rica. At the same time, there were informational stands and activities to educate the student body and others.

Just like our Chilean action report earlier this week, I believe this action marks the first for 350 in Costa Rica… thanks to Diego and all the students who participated!