IndyACT, one of the Arab world’s strongest advocates on climate change, is not going to let the US have all the fun in the climate movement.  This weekend, the veteran campaigning group unfurled its first 350 banner in a dramatic action in Faraya, Lebanon. 

Close to 100 activists held an event on the snow in Faraya in order to highlight the fact that climate change can lead to the disappearance of snow in Lebanon. They demanded governments to ‘draw the line’ on snow cover loss by literary drawing a line on the snow. 

IndyACT explained that snow plays a crucial role in the identity of Lebanon – it is the white part of the Lebanese flag. Lebanese are very proud of their white mountains that are unique in the region. Snow is also important to the Lebanese economy. Lebanon has six major ski resorts that attract a lot of tourist from nearby countries, providing rural communities with an important source of revenue. But what makes the snow really crucial for the survival of all Lebanese is the fact that the slow melting of snow gives the soil enough time to absorb the water and replenish all the water aquifers in the Lebanese mountains. In a statement to the media, Wael Hmaidan, the Executive Director of IndyACT said, “If we do not take climate change seriously enough, we will reach a point where we will need to remove the white color from our flag, and start importing water for our survival.”

To save Lebanon and the planet from such disasters, IndyACT called on all Arab governments and citizens to memorize the number 350 and get ready for more climate action in the months to come.