sites/all/files/rocknrenew1.jpgThe 350 Team just received the following note from Jonny Dubowsky, the founder and director of Rock n' Renew, a non-profit organization that helps musicians, students and and their communities live in more sustainable ways:

Thanks for continuing to build this amazing movement into a force of unstoppable and inspired communities. When Rock 'n Renew first began working with, I was inspired to write a song called "350 Times" to help energize the movement. I've passed along the message to all the Rock 'n Renew artists including Debbie Harry, and Brian from Weezer, Everclear, The Kaiser Chiefs, The Fountains of Wayne, and many other amazing bands, that today, on 10/10/10 we should crank up our stereos as we get our work parties working! We hope that bands from around the world are also inspired to write protest songs, and garden-growing songs, and songs that continue to keep the efforts of these work parties fresh in everyone's minds. Bands that are interested in sharing their 350 inspired songs can email them to [email protected] or send them to We will feature these tunes alongside all the Rock 'n Renew bands this Winter at to keep the soundtrack rolling through till the Spring.

My band Jonny Lives! has taken the song "350 Times" into the studio and put some Rock 'n Roll behind it. This is the version which will appear on our upcoming record "Revolution For Free" which will be out in early December on Long Live Crime/Sony Records. The song will be available as a free download on our website and on on Sunday 10/10/10. We hope it helps to get your work-parties cranking with the amp turned up to 11. We'll be in NYC working on our community garden program with 40 schools at El Jardin De Paraiso, rocking out with the rest of the 350 team around the world!