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As part of the 350.org global movement and in collaboration with Stop Climate Chaos, we urge people to stand together on the biggest threat our country, planet and species has ever faced and to build a movement that reflects the scale of this issue. During 2016 we will work to: 1) encourage Ireland to join this movement through awareness and direct action campaigns. 2) pressurise the government to proactively accelerate the just transition from fossil fuels towards 100% clean and renewable energy.

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Ireland’s Biggest Ever Climate March!

Join us this Sunday when the world unites for peace and justice!

global climate march

There are now more than 2300 events planned in over 150 countries this weekend as part of the Global Climate March ahead of the Climate Negotiations in Paris …


Climate Campaign

Divest Trinity College


Since our first call for Divestment last February, People’s Climate Ireland has been actively involved in all sorts of divestment campaigns, targeting Ireland’s banking institutions, main universities and other financial bodies.
It was announced this month in the University Times …


Climate Campaign