iowa350marc iowa350marc, July 28, 2015

This item was submitted by one of our local Climate folks in Cedar Falls; Pat Higby.

I believe Community Solar is the next big thing!!  You don’t need a sunny roof.  You can rent instead of own your home.  You can buy PV panels or shares of a solar farm at a cost of about $2 a watt instead of installing them on your roof for about $3 per Watt!  The energy produced by your panels or shares is deducted from your utility bill.

Iowa RECs have 10 community Solar projects; the Munis have 1, with several more in the planning stage.  Alliant Energy is exploring the concept at Indian Creek nature Center.  Won’t it be great when we have solar farms as well as wind turbines producing our own local power!

This webinar has been recorded and placed on YouTube. The event was sliced into several videos by topic.

The titles are:
Community Solar for Municipal Utilities
Community Solar for RECs
Community Solar at Cedar Falls
Community solar Q & A

Search YouTube for CEEE Solar Energy Fair.The search will also bring up other videos from Solar Fair presentations.