iowa350marc iowa350marc, July 13, 2015

Carbon Feed and Dividend (CF&D) is a process for pricing the costs of carbon to accelerate the switch to fresh, clean energy that doesn’t  add greenhouse gases to our climate change challenges. This particular process, CF&D, is a solution supported by the Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL). Many folks interested in climate action have dual membership in and CCL. On June 23 & 24 2015, local, Iowa members of CCL traveled to Washington, D.C. to lobby their Members of Congress for CF&D. Over 800 volunteers fanned out over the House and Senate buildings to meet with their Members of Congress.

You can read more about CF&D … The Little Engine That Could: Revenue Neutral Carbon Fee and Dividend.

CF&D summary:

  1. Fee is charged for any carbon based fuel extracted from or imported to the United States.
  2. Fees are paid back monthly, directly to households in the U.S. 100% (no revenue is kept by the government).
  3. The monthly dividend checks to families help them cope with the cost of fossil fuels.
  4. If families cut back on the use of fuels like gasoline and coal, they can spend more of the check on their priorities.
  5. Countries that don’t charge a carbon fee pay a “border adjustment” on goods entering the U.S.