IOWA 350 is working locally to help build the global grassroots movement to solve the climate crisis and transition to a sustainable future.

Community solar … recorded webinar

This item was submitted by one of our local Climate folks in Cedar Falls; Pat Higby. I believe Community Solar is the next big thing!!  You don’t need a sunny roof.  You can rent instead of own your home.  You can buy PV panels or shares of a solar farm at a cost of about (More...)

Support Carbon Fee and Dividend (CF&D)

Carbon Feed and Dividend (CF&D) is a process for pricing the costs of carbon to accelerate the switch to fresh, clean energy that doesn’t  add greenhouse gases to our climate change challenges. This particular process, CF&D, is a solution supported by the Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL). Many folks interested in climate action have dual membership (More...)

IOWA350 takes volunteers to Tar Sands Resistance

IOWA 350 organized a van load of Iowans to attend the Tar Sands Resistance march in St. Paul, Minnesota in the spring of 2015. We joined 5,000 other folks from the Midwest to show our resistance to importing Tar Sands oil from Canada. Every gallon of gasoline we use that comes from the Tar Sands (More...)

New LED bulb for $5

Philips has introduced a new LED light bulb with a dramatically lower price ($5!). Starting May 1, 2015, they have an introductory deal at Home Depot; selling a 2-pack of this bulb for $5 (for the first 90 days). The bulb replaces a 60 watt bulb but draws only 8.5 watts. I called our local (More...)

Cut your fuel costs by half … or more!

Ever wanted a car that gets 50 mpg? If you share rides with one person instead of driving alone, the mpg for you personally doubles and the carbon footprint drops by half! If the two of you drive separately in cars that get 25 mpg, sharing suddenly changes your mpg per person to 50 mpg! (More...)