You know climate change is finally seen as a serious issue when it makes it to the Presidential debates. Here’s Trump v. Biden on the climate if you missed, or couldn’t bear to watch, the final ten minutes of last week’s debate.

The stakes are high this November. Eminent climate scientist Michael Mann says a Trump victory would be “game over” for the climate. Not that a Biden victory, even if Democrats take the Senate, will guarantee anything close to effective climate action. But Biden at least proposes a plan to address climate change and responds to reality, something that eludes Trump.

That’s why this News Flash begins with what we can do in the final weeks before the November 3 election.
In the next few days you’ll receive a postage-paid mail-in ballot, which will need to be postmarked by Nov. 3. If you’re not registered, go to, preferably by Oct. 19. After that day, “provisional” or “conditional” registration may enable you to vote even if done as late as Election Day. Here’s Humboldt County’s link for that. And be sure to vote!

If you can possibly take time out of your busy life, please help other voters get mobilized. As Election Day nears, phone calls and texts to voters become more important. is doing this, as are the Sunrise Movement, Sierra Club, and the Natural Resources Defense Council. They’ll get you started whether you’re a member or not.

Several groups will help you send short, personalized letters to voters. Two research efforts found this approach increased voter turnout by 1.4% and 3.9%. That may not sound like much, but many elections are decided by just a few percentage points. Contact the Sierra Club, Swing Left, or Vote Forward, but don’t delay. Whichever organization you volunteer for, 350 Humboldt’s Dan Chandler hosts letter-writing parties each Sunday at 7 PM through October 25. It’s a way to share some company and good humor to ease the cramping fingers.

Closer to home, 350 Humboldt’s Haley Connors-Keith joined candidate forums last month and asked local hopefuls to pledge to be climate activists. (You can still view the Eureka and Arcata city council forums to see the candidates in action.) Our Climate Pledge asks candidates to work toward decarbonizing buildings, avoid sprawl, push carbon-free transportation, and promote equity by developing Green jobs. Check to see which candidates signed the pledge.

Ciara Emery will tell us about local attitudes about offshore wind development

Finally, there’s still time to sign up for a couple great talks. 350 Humboldt hosts Ciara Emery discussing her research into stakeholder perceptions of local offshore wind energy development, on Monday, October 5, 7 PM. Sign up here. On Wednesday, October 7, 1 PM, Humboldt State University presents Blue Lake Rancheria Tribal Council Member Jason Ramos on “Opportunities in Transitioning to Low Carbon Energy.” Register for the Zoom talk here.

Pat Carr for 350 Humboldt