You’re invited to 350 Humboldt’s General Meeting this Thursday, November 21, 6 PM at El Chipotle restaurant, 850 Crescent Way in Arcata. Renewable energy activist and longtime engineer John Schaefer will discuss making Humboldt County a renewable “electrical island.”

With many dark households driven to buy diesel generators during the recent power shutoffs, a low-carbon “Island Humboldt” seems an obvious winner. We’ll also hear about the campaign to steer Arcata away from natural gas in new buildings.

If you can’t attend the General Meeting, we hope it’s because you’ll be speaking to the Humboldt County Planning Commission, which meets on the same evening (4 PM at the County Courthouse) to continue reviewing the Humboldt Wind Project. 350 Humboldt has voted to support the project because of the need to boost local renewable electricity. The project has become very controversial, but whatever your opinion is, we hope the Commission hears it.

If you need more information on the wind project, here’s a link to the County’s environmental review of it. You can email comments to the Planning Commission at: [email protected] (That way you can still make the General Meeting!).

Finally, the City of Eureka dropped a bombshell last week when planners announced that a zombie proposal had returned to life: adding a parallel highway through the wetlands west of Broadway was the among options for citizens to consider. We thought this plan died years ago when the city realized that wetlands store carbon (among many other benefits) and new highways bring more single-occupant cars (and carbon). You can review the city’s ideas and share your thoughts at

Hope to see you at the General Meeting on Thursday, Nov. 21, 6 PM at El Chipotle!

Pat Carr for 350 Humboldt