350 Humboldt would like to respectfully acknowledge that the lands on which we live, work, and hold our meetings are unceded territory and the ancestral homelands of the indigenous nations of Tolowa, Hupa, Karuk, Mattole, Wailaki, Wiyot, and Yurok. We deeply honor and recognize the enduring relationship that exists between these indigenous peoples and these ancestral lands. Our recognition of this is a sign of respect and a step towards correcting the stories and practices that erase indigenous people’s history and culture.

Furthermore, we are committed to acknowledging and addressing the historical and ongoing impacts of colonization. It’s important to understand the long-standing history that has brought us to reside on the land, and to seek to understand our place within that history. We extend our deepest respect to all indigenous people, past, present, and future, and we commit to building relationships that honor their rich cultural traditions and legal rights in our climate action efforts. We stand in solidarity with them in the shared fight to protect our planet.