Guiding Values 

Being part of the 350 network means making climate justice central to our work. As a condition of being part of the national organization, 350 Humboldt agreed to a certain set of organizing principles, including the following: 

We are a global movement of citizens working to address the climate crisis and organizing to transform our local communities. Working in solidarity across languages and continents, we form a powerful worldwide network united by our common humanity and our commitment to solving the climate crisis.

We strive to build an inclusive and empowering movement. From the local to the international, we are open and receptive to new ideas and initiatives, foster broad participation and collective decision-making at all levels of organizing processes, and empower new leaders.

We work across movements, with justice at the core. We recognize the linkages between issues of climate justice, economic justice, racial justice, gender equality, workers rights and more, and strive to build a movement that works in common cause with allies for shared impact.

We stand in solidarity with communities most impacted by climate change and fossil fuels. Many of these communities are the least protected from climate change, due to historical inequalities, and the most impacted by it. We support their demands for survival, and the rights of future generations.

Any movement that isn’t fun isn’t worth being a part of. We dance, sing, eat, play and tell jokes together because it lifts our spirits, gives us hope, and keeps us motivated for the many challenges (and victories) ahead of us on the road to a sustainable, clean energy future.

As the only activist group in Humboldt County devoted entirely to the climate crisis, we need everyone. 350 Humboldt is committed to inclusivity with respect to race, class, gender, and ability. 

We understand that activist work can be challenging, and we strive to encourage and support each other. As an all-volunteer group, we acknowledge that work and other life goals place limitations on the amount of time and effort we can give toward our activism. We strive to create ways for everyone to participate regardless of work, childcare responsibilities, and financial constraints.