350 Humboldt’s first campaign began in 2018 when we drafted a resolution to support 100% Clean and Renewable electrical energy by 2025 ( Link to resolution). We were inspired by other communities throughout the US who stepped forward with similar resolutions in support of the goal of the Paris Climate Accords to keep global warming to below 2 degrees Celsius in order to avert climate catastrophe.

350 Humboldt presented our resolution to local city councils, lobbied council members, wrote letters and, most importantly, showed up to advocate for its adoption. We learned a lot about working with allies, and built networks of communication throughout our community.  One by one, the Eureka City Council (May 2018), McKinleyville Community Services District (June 2018) and Arcata City Council (July 2018) adopted the resolution. Once local jurisdictions were on board, we asked the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors to adopt our resolution, and they did in September of 2018.

The final goal, and the most significant challenge in our campaign, was to have the Redwood Coast Energy Authority adopt our resolution, as they are responsible for  Humboldt County’s Community Choice Energy program. We mobilized a strong show of support from the community to come to the meetings. To our great joy and relief, RCEA adopted the resolution unanimously!

We are really proud of the success of this campaign. It proved to us that Humboldt County citizens are willing to do the hard work necessary to influence policies that help in the fight against global climate change. Thanks to everyone who participated!