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He has working experience in influencing environmental related policies and has good standing working relationship with key stakeholders on climate issues. With the knowledge and experience gained in Istanbul, he is poised to critically through G-ROC examine the Climate Change Policy of Ghana and make meaningful inputs in the planning and implementation process such that not only will Ghana reduce emissions but abort the plan to establish coal-fired power plant.



He is a trained Entomologist and Conservation Biologist,Researcher,Communicator and a vibrant Youth activist with an extensive knowledge in Project and Programme planning, monitoring and evaluation for achieving results.His extensive research work on biodiversity and climate change attracted the attention of the Students Conference and Conservation Sciences (SCCS),Zoology Department-Cambridge University thus selected for presentation.He is been a research assistant with Center for the Study of Africa Economies (CSAE) of Oxford University and has a good working relationship with several youth association worldwide including the German Youth Association for the protection of Nature (NAJU),the biggest environmental youth association in Germany. The training he underwent in Istanbul has boost up his capacity and this will enure to the benefit of the entire team.



Sylvia Yirenkyi had been working in climate change and related environmental activities since 2010. With first degree in Natural Resources Management she had been working on a career on sustainable environmental management and running environmental campaigns especially using digital campaign. GPS has given her the platform and skills to improve upon her digital campaigning skills to address issues of climate change and ensure environmental justice. Sylvia believe that the youth possess the power to ensure a change in the way climate change issues are addressed in the country and GPS through Global Power Shift has given her a platform to be part of the youth who cause a radical change.

campaign coordinator


He is the Chief Executive Officer at MILDRICK Group, a registered multi – faceted business, which is into organising tours, event management and training. Patrick is also a committed member of the Ghana Youth Environmental Movement (GYEM), which he is proud to say, it’s the only network running environmental campaigns to demand environmental justice from the authorities. He serves in the campaign and partnership teams of GYEM. He has been awarded a ‘Youth Advocate’ by the Youth Empowerment Synergy (YES-Ghana). Patrick also represented JCI Ghana in the JCI Leadership Academy For Africa and Middle East and also participated in the JCI World Public Speaking Championship for Africa and Middle East all in Casablanca, Morocco. He has championed many projects and lead other youth based organisations to make impact in their communities. Patrick is a Christian, likes to motivate and communicate to the youth to embrace Nationalism, volunteerism, positive mentality and a strong edge to find solutions to the numerous problems in our communities and through that we can make the world a better place. He shares his inspiration through his articles on his blog at

Training Coordinator


Portia is the Chief Executive Officer of Dream Hunt (DH) a Non Governmental Organization in Ghana. She is a graduate from Central University College, Faculty of Accounting and Finance with a Degree in Banking and Finance. Her love for the environment and urge to fight against climate change in Ghana has inspired and motivated her to lead, join and support environmental campaigns and events that promote environmental sustainability and climate justice. Portia brings on board knowledge from her academic background into environmental activism where she believes choosing the ecosystem over economics is the only way to solve the climate crisis. Over the years she has grown and matured into a vibrant environmental activist in the quiet, and with someone who studied Banking, this is an inspiring and admirable shift indeed. She is a member of the Coalition of Youth Development Organizations in Ghana (COYDOG). She volunteers for PerVitaFoundation and Global Student Initiative (GSI).She is supported numerous campaigns or events such as engaging the youth of Nwinso Community in the Eastern Region during 2013 World Water Day Celebration and the “THE WORLD WALKS FOR WATER & SANITATION 2013” organized by Water Aid Ghana.



Dorinda Saah is a strong advocate for achieving sustainable development through promoting environmental sustainability. As such she had been engaged in several community projects which promote sustainable human activities. Dorinda’s strength lies in community mobilisation and education and will bring that to bear in mobilising people for G-ROC’s Phase II activities. Dorinda have passion in advocating for good policies since that drives a nation’s progress, and on learning on Policy as a skills track during the GPS 2013, she is ready for action.

Moses is a social entrepreneur committed to accelerated Agricultural development in Africa and the promotion of the continent’s climate change mitigation and adaptation initiatives. As an Agricultural and Climate Change professional, he has rich experience in: Agricultural policy, Agricultural project formulation and implementation, smart climate change adaptive Agricultural practices, Non-Violent direct actions in addressing the challenges of climate change, ICT for Agricultural development, Monitoring and Evaluation, Advocacy etc.

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