About Us

350Ghana Reducing Carbon (G-ROC) is the leading environmental grassroots organization (NGO) in Ghana affiliated to 350.org formed with the aim of mobilizing and empowering young people in partnership with key stakeholders to actively champion the need to reduce our carbon emissions and promote renewable energy systems as a key effort in combating climate change

It was created in July 2013, after seven young leaders from Ghana were invited to participate in a climate change training program in Istanbul, Turkey last year (June 2013) which attracted over 500 young people globally spearheaded by 350.org in partnership with other institutions. Participants as part of Phase II of the project are required to organize in- country climate change campaigns.

Generally as a team, our key role involves contributing and/or influencing national environmental policies, strategies and implementation plans positively through interventions such as public education and awareness creation, publication of briefs and other papers and media engagement In our quest to keep the momentum up and really shift power, we have been able to mobilize in conjunction with other youth groups to openly protest and petition the government of Ghana’s intention to construct a 700 megawatt of Coal-fired Power Plant for the first time in the country since our return from the event in Istanbul