Groc350 G-ROC partner Concern Health Education Ghana to Sensitize students on Climate Change

The move seeks to offer sustainable solutions to tackle the effects of climate change in Ghana.

The students were drawn from six (6) senior high schools and Junior High Schools located in the La Dade-Kotopon District Assembly of the Greater Accra Region.

Ezekiel Chibeze, Coordinator of 350 Ghana Reducing our Carbon (G-ROC) in an interview with the media disclosed the event form part of the global campaign (action 2015) to fight climate change.

He maintained similar events are equally underway in over 20 countries across the world to hold government accountable to the pledges they make towards reversing the devastating trends of the climate change.

It is also being organized to build up towards the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP21) which is slated for December 2015 in Paris where world leaders will be expected to make the right decisions on reversing the harmful effects of the climate change, Ezekiel Chibeze added.

The Municipal Chief Executive of La Dade-Kotopon Municipal Assembly, Hon. Rita Odoley Sowah in her address advised the students to be strong advocates of the climate change campaign in their communities.

She urged them to do their possible best as youths to preserve the God-given climate from destruction.

“My advice to the youth is they need to be part of the advocacy plan to preserve the climate from degrading; preserve whatever we’ve been blessed with…the rivers, the trees and then make sure that we plant trees in our homes. I preach greenery, we need to have greenery in our homes and in our communities as well” she stressed.

Rita Odoley Sowah also cautioned the students on energy preservation: “We also need to preserve energy, when not in use, make sure that you turn it off so that as we preserve it, it will last for us”

The La Dade Kotopon Municipal Chief Executive in an interview with Joy News said, “God has not plan to end the world now but by our actions, the world might come to an end and so we need to come together as a people in the fight against climate change”.

The six selected schools which partake in the 1-day sensitization workshop on the effects of the climate change are; La wireless SHS 1,2,3, & 4, La Salem SHS, La Enobal SHS, La Emmaus SHS, La Presbyterian SHS, La Saint Paul’s Roman Catholic SHS and Saint Maurice R/C JHS.

The event was organized by 350 Ghana Reducing Our Carbon (G-ROC) and partnered by Concerned Health Education Project Ghana, 350 Africa and Strategic Youth Network for Development (SYND).

It was also supported by Young People with Care, Community and Family Aid Foundation (CAFAF), T21 Creations and Act for Change.


Community Entry Exercise Report

G-ROC is an informal network of youth -leaders formed with the aim of partnering with key stakeholders to champion the need for carbon emissions reduction while actively promoting renewable energy systems as a key effort in combating climate change. Contact:   Chibeze Ezekiel Coordinator, 350 G-ROC Accra – Ghana E-mail Add.: More...

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