laurie laurie, March 16, 2019

Local Eugene high schools South Eugene & Churchill along with University of Oregon students organized a large turnout of students on Friday, March 15 for the Strike4Climate march in Eugene. 350 Eugene helped out with banners and logistical support but the students brought the energy! Churchill students arrived by marching up 8th Ave to the Wayne Morris Federal Courthouse. South Eugene HS students marched from their school at 19th over to the the UO campus and joined a large crowd of college students who all marched from UO to the Federal Court House on 8th Ave. Many speakers talked from their heart about how climate change is an urgent issue that they will be facing throughout their lifetime. The total crowd was around 1000 students and their more senior aged cheer leaders helping to raise the volume! It was a great way to kick off the next two years of urgent action to get Oregon and the U.S. to take bold action on climate change. Stay tuned to 350 Eugene website/Facebook pages for future student led climate action events!

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