Step out! For Zero Carbon monthly meetings

Step Out for Zero Carbon hosts Slow Walks on routes accessible by LTD bus; see listings in the 350 calendar. Slow Walks are for all who require or prefer a gentle pace. Take this time to build community, discuss climate issues and actions, and enjoy urban nature. Step Out meetings take place as we walk.
The City of Eugene’s pedestrian policy and infrastructure is shaped by the Transportation System Plan (TSP), the Active Transportation Committee (ATC), and initiatives such as Vision Zero and Safe Routes to School. To learn more, examine “Transportation Planning,” “Transportation Options” and “Safety”, at this link :
For active transportation updates from the City of Eugene, including opportunities for public participation, sign up for the InMotion Newsletter:
Eugene sidewalk maintenance and infill, beyond what is in the TSP, is funded by adjacent property owners. This is per City Code, which is amended by vote of City Council. Find City Council meetings, contacts, and testimony guidance here:
At a regional level, Better Eugene Springfield Transportation (BEST) advocates for improved transit, safe streets and walkable neighborhoods. Sign up for the BEST newsletter here:

Third Monday of the month, 3:00 – 4:00pm Cafe Perugino, 767 Willamette Street, #102, Eugene

Step Out! For Zero Carbon (Walking group) is the 350 Eugene walking group that organizes slow walks, community walks, and advocacy for pedestrian infrastructure. Contact: Claire Ribaud, [email protected]