laurie laurie, September 6, 2018

Jhon Cortest is a graphic designer from the southwest of Colombia. He graduated from the University of Nariño in 2007 and works mainly in the fields of illustration, poster design and brand design.

“The birds rise above the rest, plan and open their wings to contemplate, to reach
and now to be reborn. Its flight does not end, it has always existed, the vibration of
the earth sustains them and its fluttering moves everything. The chest of a bird is
sheltered with colorful plumages, the chest of a coils the clouds around, the flight of
a bird clears the path of the sun. Nature is self-sustaining, its processes, its changes,
are succeeded to harmonize. Maybe it’s time to learn from it, learn how to fly light,
how to beat the wings with the nectar of flowers, how to move filled with color and not obscuring life.”

Join us, Sat., Sep. 8th at Campbell Community Center, 155 High St., Eugene from 1:00 to 3:00

Communities everywhere are demanding a just transition to clean renewable energy and a stop
to fossil fuels. It’s up to us.

1:00 Rally; 1:30 Teach-ins; 2:30 March & Public Demonstration – See you there!

Together we   ALL RISE.

Artists from six continents have made artworks for #RiseforClimate. They include the Rise unifying symbols of an orange Cross for what we need to put a stop to and a Sun for the solutions we need