laurie laurie, September 3, 2018

Ari Aminuddin is an Indonesian artist, and member of Taring Padi, a collective
of woodcut artists that was found in 1999 after the fall of the New Order Era in Indonesia.

Most of his work is done collectively and never represents only one name. The Taring Padi art involves information that corrects false history, made by Soeharto, the second president of Indonesia, about the massacre on communists in 1965.

Aminuddin has joined several important environmental focused festivals and grass root workshops like Festival Mata Air, Switchcamp and the movement of the farmers and fisherman of Batang, Central Java, against the appearance of a coal fired power plant on their land.

Aminuddin’s daily job is working at a interior design company owned by a radical feminist sculptor,
Dolorosa Sinaga, in Jakarta.

Join us, Sat., Sep. 8th at Campbell Community Center, 155 High St., Eugene from 1:00 to 3:00
Communities everywhere are demanding a just transition to clean renewable energy and a stop
to fossil fuels. It’s up to us.

1:00 Rally; 1:30 Teach-ins; 2:30 March & Public Demonstration – See you there! Standing
together, we are strong.

Artists from six continents have made artworks for #RiseforClimate. They include the Rise unifying
symbols of an orange Cross for what we need to put a stop to and a Sun for the solutions we need.