laurie laurie, September 1, 2018

Daniela Paes Leão-Artist. Daniela Paes Leão is a Portuguese artist, currently living in the Netherlands. Leao works across film, photography, drawing, performance, print and new media, exploring and trying to get to the core of a present issue, often political or social. Her practice involves collaboration, working with communities and
across different disciplines such as sociology, anthropology and political sciences.

Leao says: “I work on series of drawings that visualise future possible worlds, that are desirable that we
want to be in but we’re not yet there. I decided to make a drawing where people are celebrating the end
of the fossil fuel age, they have flags, and those flags have elements from nature.”

She is part of Fossil Free Culture, a collective of artists, activists, researchers and critics working at the
intersection of art and climate activism.

Join us, Sat., Sep. 8th at Campbell Community Center, 155 High St., Eugene from 1:00 to 3:00

Communities everywhere are demanding a just transition to clean renewable energy and a stop
to fossil fuels. Tell our local leaders that we will not rest until we’re off fossil fuels and investing
in a clean energy democracy.

1:00 Rally; 1:30 Teach-ins; 2:30 March & Public Demonstration – See you there! Let’s make
some noise.

Artists from six continents have made artworks for #RiseforClimate. They include the Rise unifying
symbols of an orange Cross for what we need to put a stop to and a Sun for the solutions we need.