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Fascism, the Immigration Crisis, and Climate Chaos

How do we begin to grasp, let alone to do something about the multi-faceted descent we’re witnessing? Authoritarian, racially-charged presidential tweets and election rallies fuel the masses in disparaging progressive congressional representatives of color, who, among other duties and responsibilities, are advocating for the rights of inhumanely treated immigrants in U.S custody … immigrants, who (More...)

The PowerPoint That Got a Climate Scientist Disinvited From a Shell Conference

Kate Arnoff-The Intercept – July 5, 2019: The first three slides of climate scientist Peter Kalmus’s plenary speech to Shell’s Powering Progress Together conference were intended to gauge audience reactions. First, he would have asked attendees if they are “concerned about climate breakdown.” Then, to raise their hands if they are “EXTREMELY CONCERNED” about it. (More...)