We resist. We Build. We Rise.With a short amount of time left to keep catastrophic climate change from being “irretrievable” – and a federal government in the pockets of the fossil fuel industry – our work in Oregon is absolutely essential. As part of the “Thin Green Line” we need to stand in solidarity with other regional 350.org activists who are dedicated to building a just and clean energy future. We vow to oppose every fossil fuel project that violates known science, the rights of Tribes and the will of the people.

The tipping point is near. Thousands of people are rising up against those who refuse to stop destroying communities of people and the land. In 2018-2019 , Oregonians of conscience will say in the most powerful way possible that we will no longer support a system that is propelling us to disaster.

We acknowledge that direct action and civil disobedience are important tools that are not to be used lightly. We will target actions carefully and strategically. If oil trains pass through Eugene; if local agencies refuse to divest; if the city continues to depend on fracked gas; if the Jordon Cove/Pacific Connector Pipeline is permitted; or if our governments won’t take decisive action, we will respond. We will demonstrate our commitment and our solidarity.

Over the fall and winter, we will have small-scale preview actions. These actions will help us be prepared and ready to deploy. We will be offering training sessions and forming affinity groups to create a broad and strong resistance. United we can be a force for positive change. Please join us. Keep an eye on our calendar and watch out for emails.