Rally in Salem, Photo Allen Hallmark, Jan 2018

Rally in Salem, OR – Photo credit: Allen Hallmark, No LNG Exports, Jan 2018


Right now our state is threatened by the  Jordan Cove Energy Project

Pembina, a Canadian corporation, wants to build a 230-mile fracked gas pipeline across Southern Oregon, and a huge plant and terminal on Coos Bay to liquefy the gas and ship it to Asia.


JOIN US!! OFGR meets monthly to strategize and plan our resistance. Contact: [email protected]

Proposed route of the Pacific Coast Pipeline. Photo Credit: Dan Aguayo - The Oregonian

Proposed route of the Pacific Coast Pipeline – Photo Credit: Dan Aguayo – The Oregonian

LNG tanker, Golar LNG Group.

LNG tanker, Golar LNG Group.

Who we are

We are a grassroots volunteer group opposed to any new fracked gas infrastructure.  We’re working to save our region’s natural resources and to protect our world from catastrophic climate change.

Currently our main focus is stopping the Jordan Cove Energy Project (JCEP).  We rally public opposition using art, dance and other creative expressions.  We partner with a statewide coalition of environmental, conservation and community groups, and tribal governments to apply legal and political pressure.   We spread the word with community education events.  We send comments and testify at permit hearings. We petition our state officials and congressional delegation. We helped convince Senator Merkley to switch his public stance and come out against JCEP. We continue to pressure Governor Kate Brown. If we have to, some of us will engage in non-violent civil disobedience.

In every way, we say NO!

Zombie Pipeline Parade. Photo Credit: Don Ewing, 350 EUG

Zombie Pipeline Parade – Photo Credit: Don Ewing, 350 EUG

Jordan Cove Energy Project 

Although two prior applications were denied, Pembina saw an opportunity under the Trump administration, and applied again in September, 2017.

If this project is built, it would exacerbate the climate crisis. According to the greenhouse gas GHG assessment by Oil Change International, JCEP will become Oregon’s largest climate polluter. The report concludes, “In order to address the global climate crisis, emissions from all sources of fossil fuels must be reduced to zero by mid-century. Building and operating this project will undermine this goal.”

JCEP would also damage Oregon’s public lands and waters, threaten tribal cultural resources and traditional tribal lands, take private landowner’s property using eminent domain, and endanger public health and safety. No LNG Exports FAQ

Pipeline Construction, National Parks Conservation Association

Pipeline Construction – National Parks Conservation Association

Fracked Gas, and Why It’s So Harmful

Fracked gas is “natural” gas extracted through a process called hydraulic fracturing. Natural gas (NG) is a fossil fuel composed mostly of methane, which is a powerful greenhouse gas.  Investing in new NG projects as a “bridge fuel” is misguided.  Instead, we need to transition off of fossil fuels to clean renewable sources of energy, like wind and solar. More information can be found at Natural Gas has a Dirty Secret.

As of 2016, fracked gas accounted for 67% of the US gas supply, up from just 5% in 2000 (US Energy Information Agency). This huge increase in supply is driving continued high GHG and slowing the development of renewable energy. Exactly the opposite of what we need to be doing!  Bill McKibben writes, “….we’ve wasted a decade and likely far more, since all those new pipelines and power plants are designed (and financed) to last for 40 or 50 years.”

In addition to worsening the climate crisis, fracked gas has also been documented to cause significant environmental damage and negative health consequences. (Center for Media and Democracy) (Physicians for Social Responsibility)

Learn More About
  1. Fracked gas and its production:
  2. Other gas projects in the Northwest:
  3. Financing for Jordan Cove and other fossil fuel projects:
  4. Company websites
  5. Federal Government permitting for JCEP
  6. State of Oregon permitting for JCEP

Partner Organizations

  1. Cascadia Wildlands
  2. NoLNG Exports (Statewide Coalition against JCEP)


SEPT 17-21, 2019

Greetings Oregon Fracked Gas Resistors! 

Please write a comment! Tell Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development to Deny Coastal Zone Management Act (CZMA) permit for the Jordan Cove and Pacific Connector Pipeline Projects.

Comments due by September 21st (postmarked or on-line).

Quick Comments, Templates, and Guides.   Facebook:  Quick Comments Here

Check out this inspiring and uplifting video produced by our wonderful Deb McGee urging folks to submit their comments:  HERE  Please share – It has gone viral and will be up for an award!

Tune In: Department of State Lands (DSL) Removal-Fill Permit Decision is scheduled for September 20th! Same day as the Global Climate Strike / Rally!

Update:  The Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has not received a new 401 application from JCEP since the denial.

Take a listen to the Jordan Cove Preview Podcast HERE;   it is the second half of a series called HOLDING THE THIN GREEN LINE, Produced by Barbara Bernstein, KBOO –  Locus Pocus.

Update re: Surveillance:  Here is the organizational sign on Letter to Governor Kate Brown regarding the information that Jordan Cove LNG opponents are being surveilled by the SWOJT.  Numerous organizations (more than seen here)  signed on and letter has been sent.

The Senate Interim Committee on Environment and Natural Resources met this morning at 8 a.m.  A major agenda item was Jordan Cove Energy Project:  State Permitting Overview and Status.  Invited guests only allowed to speak.  A link to watch the session live. HERE  (soon)

Corruption called Out!  

The Guardian: Interior Secretary Bernhardt – Emails raise ethical questions –  Jordan Cove   Congressman Defazio requests an investigation:  Letter Here .

Trump rewriting rules to expedite gas pipeline projects including Jordan Cove and pacific connecter projects in Southern Oregon  Oregon Live.

Stay Tuned:  We will have an opportunity to respond in solidarity to this soon.

Special Treat: Now you can hear Kathleen Dean Moore and Sue Ellen Campbell read their essay, “Why We Won’t Quit the Climate Fight” on EcoShock radio  here.

Please check out 350 Eugene’s new  website and calendar.  The door is always open. Stay tuned into all the upcoming events around the Global Climate Strike!  HERE.

See you in the Streets or in the Mountains!

Elizabeth Chandler

350 Eugene Volunteer

Oregon Fracked Gas Resistance

[email protected]350Eugene.org

May 2019


On May 6, 2019,  Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) denied the Jordan Cove LNG project the 401 Clean Water Act permit. This is a potentially fatal blow to Pembina’s proposed Jordan Cove LNG export terminal and 229 mile-long Pacific Connector fracked gas pipeline, which cannot be built without this permit. The grassroots coalition that has opposed this project for almost 15 years celebrated the decision, including impacted landowners, anglers, small business owners, tribal members, health professionals, and more. Read the full statement: www.nolngexports.org/deq-denies-permit

Please spread the word re: this wonderful news!

Here’s a social media toolkit to get you started:



Letter from DEQ to Jordan Cove LNG LLC

News Release

From DEQ’s website:


The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has issued a decision on Jordan Cove’s application for a Section 401 Water Quality Certification.  The certification is required for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to issue permits for the project.
DEQ’s decision is to deny the requested certification at this time.  However, DEQ’s action is being made “without prejudice.”  This means that the applicant may reapply for the certification, and submit additional information that could result in a different decision.
If Jordan Cove resubmits an application along with information addressing DEQ’s concerns, DEQ will work to keep the timing of its review in line with the overall federal schedule for the project, but this will depend on the applicant submitting the requested information in a timely manner.
Other media:


August 17, 2018

Local Oregon Fracked Gas Resistance organizers delivered 350 comment cards to Eugene’s office of the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality on Tuesday this week! Go Team!

There’s still time to submit your comments to stop Jordan Cove LNG! State and federal agencies must stand up for clean water, healthy rivers and a stable climate!

The Jordan Cove fracked gas export terminal and pipeline needs two Clean Water Act permits from our state and federal agencies to proceed. Similar gas pipelines in Oregon, New York, and Maryland have been stopped through the Clean Water Act process because of impacts to rivers, streams, and wetlands.

THANKS to everyone who has already sent in comments urging our agencies to protect our waterways from this destructive project — over 24,000 comments (a new record) have already been submitted by people from across the west coast because of concerns about impacts to clean water, landowners, earthquake/tsunami risk, the local economy and the climate.

It’s easy to submit a comment to both Oregon DEQ and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers using Columbia Riverkeeper’s link.

Write our agencies today and share:


To remind us why this project is so easy to hate, these two video resources were compiled by our friends in the Stop Fracked Gas/PDX group (a short and a long one):

Sierra Club 101 on Fracking


Deborah Romerein (Portland Fracked Gas Resister) made her own “TED Talk”. 


July 19, 2018

Eugene Weekly Article Concerning South Eugene Fracked Gas Pipeline:

350 Eugene Protests Pipeline in South Eugene


Videos and Photos

August 14, 2018

350 Cards Delivered to DEQ. The postcards were in addition to the many, many email comments already submitted by 350 EUG supporters.

Protestors in Salem against the Jordan Cover LNG Export Terminal and The Pacific Connector Pipeline project:

Gov Brown Stand Up for Climate Rally

July 3 Local Protest of Natural Gas Pipeline Being Built in Eugene – Slideshow

  • Unnatural gas pipeline construction site in Eugene
  • Oregon's Dinosaur Fracked Gas Resistance inaugurated on July 3 in Eugene
  • Eugene's Climate Recovery Ordinance = 100% Clean Energy
  • Dinosaurs stopping rush hour traffic
  • Synchronized protesting with Oregon's No Fracked Gas Fairy
  • The humans concur - Stop building new pipelines
  • Couldn't agree more
  • And this is just the beginning ... WE'LL BE BACK!

July 3 Local Protest of Natural Gas Pipeline Video