July 25, 2019 Climate Town Hall #3  – Focus on Consumption and Carbon Free Challenge















Video 1: Tabling and Used Clothing Fashion (edited)

Video 2: Introductions & Keynotes

Video 3: Panel Speakers

Video 4: Panel Q & A

Photos by Robert Scherle

Videos by Leonard Higgins


May 23, 2019 350 Eugene Spring Meet Up














Photos by Robert Scherle – Click here



April 11, 2019 – Climate Town Hall #2 – Focus on Transportation


Photos by Robert Scherle



Video by Todd Boyle



March 8, 2019, An Evening with Carolyn Baker

Video: Todd Boyle


February 21, 2019 – Climate Town Hall

Video: Todd Boyle

February 2019 Clean Energy Jobs Lobby Day in Salem


Photos: Robert Scherle


2017-2018 Retrospective of 350 Eugene Activities

Video: Don Ewing


7-9-18 Raging Grannie’s at City Council Raging Against 30th Ave Pipeline Being Built in Eugene

6-25-18 Patty Hine’s Testimony and Deb McGee’s “Raptimony” Before Eugene’s City Council

6-2-18 Winona LaDuke – Honor the Earth Fundraiser


Mary DeMocker Book Release “The Parents’ Guide to Climate Revolution”

March 24, 2018, March for Our Lives, Eugene, OR


350 Exclusive Interview with Professor Mary Christina Wood



10-27-17 UO Homecoming & Zombie Pipeline

10-23-17  Divest the Globe-City Council Public Forum


8-7-17 Senator Jeff Merkley Town Hall at Lane Community College


7-30-17 EUG Parade – 350 Eugene’s Entry and many others


6-28-17 US FERC Scoping Hearings

6-12-17 Eugene City Council

6-3-17 Indivisible Eugene March for Truth

4-29-17  March for a Climate of Safety – Eugene



Raging Grannies from Eugene, Corvallis and Portland gather at the Public Interest Environmental Law Conference at the University of Oregon in Eugene.


Annette Klapstein, Ken Ward, Emily Johnston, and Michael Foster answer question and discuss the issues surrounding their historic involvement for courageously shutting down tar sands pipelines. (Leonard Higgins was on his way back from Standing Rock, and was unable to attend.)



Jacob Lebel at the No LNG Rally at Douglas County Fairgrounds 2-13-17


Our Children’s Trust Press Conference at Eugene Federal District Court following case management conference with Honorable Magistrate Thomas M. Coffin.


Here is the edited video of the City Council’s vote on the No Crude by Rail resolution:


Three years ago we held our first meet up at the First United Methodist Church in Eugene. Look where we’ve been and imagine where we’re going. Join us! (Note: We’d like to extend a very special thanks to First United Methodist for their unwavering support of our work.)

350 Eugene 2014-2016 Retrospective Video


No Crude by Rail Resolution – Read to Eugene’s City Council



Our Children’s Trust – Oregon Court of Appeals



Federal Climate Case Goes to Trial


November 11, 2016, Register Guard




From Bob Doppelt-Eugene’s Register Guard – Excerpt

Scientists say it is still possible to prevent the most devastating effects of climate disruption, and to eventually bring atmospheric CO2 back down to safer levels. Doing so will require big, rapid changes. This is where Eugene’s new annual emission reduction target could be helpful. This target is based on the best available science, which says atmospheric CO2 must be no higher than 350 parts per million to avoid irreversible catastrophic climate disruption. City staff members calculated that if everyone on the planet reduced emissions by 7.6 percent annually, CO2 would eventually drop to that level.

Link to Bob Doppelt’s Register Guard Guest Viewpoint



On Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2016, five activists successfully shut down every pipeline that transports tar sands oil to the United States. The activists include 350 Seattle members Emily Johnston and Michael Foster, Seattle Raging Granny Annette Klapstein, 350 Corvallis co-founder Leonard Higgins and the Climate Disobedience Center’s Ken Ward. In total 10 individuals were arrested then released: 5 valve-turners, 2 people acting in support roles, and 3 independent documentary film crew members. Charges range from criminal trespass, sabotage, burglary, criminal mischief and bail amounts were steep, ranging from $25K to $50K.

You can follow all the updates on the group’s website and Facebook page, Shut it Down – Climate Direct Action—and you can support this action by spreading the word, inviting your friends to like this page and sharing the group’s posts. While the news is still breaking, it has already made headlines on Democracy Now and Common Dreams.


10-4-16 Oil Trains Guest Viewpoint – Eugene’s Register Guard


Co-Authors: 350 Eugene’s Deb McGee, Jim Neu, and Linda Elliot

PDF version:


Media Coverage of 9-13-16 Oral Arguments (see post below for details)

Register Guard – Register Guard

KVAL News – http://kval.com/news/local/kidsvgov-make-sure-that-the-future-planet-will-be-hospitable-for-generations-to-come

Bill Moyers – http://billmoyers.com/story/kids-suing-government-climate-change/


Judge Ann Aiken heard oral arguments today in the landmark climate case involving 21 youth plaintiffs suing the federal govt and fossil fuel industry for not protecting their future against the ravages of climate change. Judge Aiken will be making her decision on the government and fossil fuel industry’s motions to dismiss within 60 days.  Please see previous posts on this topic and consider making a donation to Our Children’s Trust, who have brought this and dozens of other cases forward on behalf of the youth of our country and world.


For now, enjoy this video of the press conference by 350 Eugene’s videographer, Don Ewing.


“A Prayer for Children Trying to Save the World”

Read Climate Author, Warrior and Artivist – Mary Democker’s – Guest Viewpoint article published today in Eugene’s Register Guard concerning Tuesday’s oral arguments in Federal Court of  21 Youth Plaintiffs vs. the Federal Government and fossil fuel industry.
Mary DeMocker-Prayer for Children-Register Guard




After a summer break, we’re ramping up for what will be a seminal year in the climate movement. For education and inspiration, enjoy these videos about one of our campaigns-NO LNG!

36 Inches

Landowner ad – Great 30 second video of impacted landowners

Just Another Dirty Fossil Fuel-Produced in January 2016 by middle school students at Sunnyview Environmental School, Portland Or. Stand Up for Oregon Beaver

-This film was produced by Courtney Williams in order to inform the public as to what this project entails.


The State Land Board met on June 14th with Gov. Kate Brown presiding. The two other board members include State Treasurer Ted Wheeler and Secretary of State Jeanne Atkins. It’s clear it’s “business as usual” with Oregon’s Department of State Lands… so Stacey McLaughlin took the speaker’s mic and told the board that citizens are tired of playing second-fiddle to foreign energy corporations seeking to ram dangerous fossil fuel projects through our communities!


By early afternoon, we had regrouped in Eugene to march from Armitage Park to Williams Pipeline Company offices on Game Farm Road to declare the property “condemned” under Eminent Domain and to deliver statements from affected land-owners from Southern Oregon. Williams Co. was not open for our business, so we surveyed the parking lot making way for our “Zombie Pipeline” to take up its position on their property. We were joined by inspired singing & chanting, and colorful props & signs by activists from across the state, including our own Raging Granny Gaggle.


Post-Break Free legal proceedings officially started this week – June 2 – with the first court appearance of the 52 Break Free PNW arrestees at Skagit County District Court. Check out this scanned article from the Skagit Valley Herald.


Click here to watch a video of Deb McGee’s post arrest discussion of her experience.



Breaking News from Our Children’s Trust: Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Rejects DEP’s arguments, finds that existing schemes “fall short”, and orders annual reductions in greenhouse gases. 


Today, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court found in favor of four youth plaintiffs, all supported by Our Children’s Trust, the Conservation Law Foundation, and Mass Energy Consumers Alliance, in the critical climate change case, Kain et al. v. Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. The Court found that the DEP was not complying with its legal obligation to reduce the State’s GHG emissions and ordered the agency to “promulgate regulations that address multiple sources or categories of sources of greenhouse gas emissions, impose a limit on emissions that may be released . . . and set limits that decline on an annual basis.”
Read the press release here.



350 Eugene and the UO Climate Justice League co-sponsored Josh Fox & Tim DeChristopher as they tour the West Coast with their “Let Go and Love” Tour, featuring Fox’s new documentary – “How to Let Go of the World and Love All the Things Climate Can’t Change”- Click here to enjoy video interviews by our 350 Eugene media team, Megan Kemple and Don Ewing, as Megan interviews Josh, Tim, and Deia Schlossberg, the film’s co-producer.


5-13-16 thru 5-15-16  BREAK FREE PNW


This meme says it all. Selected Break Free PNW media reports below

The Eugene Weekly

Break Free PNW recaps

Break Free Lessons Learned from 350 National



The UO Climate Justice League concluded its 6-week sit in on 4-21-16, presenting the nuptial joining of the  UO Foundation Groom and the Big Oil Bride at the EMU amphitheater on campus. Erik Jung – Divest UO Leader – also spoke about the launch of the Divest Fund. Untold thanks to these students and the community at large for advocating for divestment.


Click here for the story & video.


Today, Judge Thomas Coffin issued his decision that the constitutional climate case involving 21 youth plaintiffs against the Federal government and fossil fuel industry should move forward.  This suit was brought forth by Our Children’s Trust.


Click the following links for coverage of this historic decision.

Bill Moyers and Company

Common Dreams




The UO Divest Sit In resumed today; they’re now in their sixth week. Students are not only urging the UO Foundation to divest from fossil fuels, but are also fighting to protect their free speech. Why? The UO Administration claims the students’ “Off Fossil Fuels” sign is an advertisement and should be removed.The students counter this is not an advertisement but protected free speech.


Click here for KEZI coverage.

Click here for KLCC coverage.


Today, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) denied permits for the Pacific Connector Pipeline and Jordan Cove Natural Gas Facility. This is a huge victory for Oregon and a tribute to the hard work of so many people who came together to oppose these projects. Here are just a few of the many news outlets that covered this story.

LNG-Pix 2



Twenty one youth plaintiffs from across the country, Dr. James Hansen and Our Children’s Trust legal team were granted rock star status as they entered the Federal Courthouse in Eugene this morning, readying themselves for the fight of their (and our) lives. Oral arguments to dismiss this historic youth climate case were heard today.


Click here to watch 350 Eugene’s video of the event.

Click here to watch 350 Eugene’s video of the press conference.

Click here to watch the Register-Guard video.

Click here for the Register Guard’s report.

Click here for KLCC’s coverage of the event.

Click here for CNN coverage.

Click here to read The Guardian’s coverage.

Click here to read Dr. James Hansen’s Boston Globe article re: this topic.

Click here for a review from  Bill Moyers & Company.

Click here for coverage from EcoWatch.

Click here for coverage from the Oregonian Live.

Click here for Gold Coast Bulletin coverage.

Click here for Rolling Stone coverage.



Enjoy this video of Kathleen Dean Moore at her “Great Tide Rising” book launch at Tsunami Books, Eugene, OR.


Click here.


Divest UO once again took it the streets and the halls (Johnson Hall, to be exact), asking that the University of Oregon Foundation divest of its fossil fuel assets. Naomi Klein joined in!


Click here to watch a video of the event.

Click here to watch a KEZI news clip of the event.


Check out this press coverage and video from today’s Healthy Climate Bill (SB 1574) rally at Oregon’s state capitol in Salem.


Click here for Statesman Journal coverage of the event. 

Click here to watch a video of the event.


Enjoy videos from our November 28 Global Climate March and December 12 “Climate Red Line” action events. (Thank you Don Ewing, 350 Eugene’s photographer & videographer)


Preparing for the November 28 climate march and beyond

December 12 Climate Red Line Action

Raging Grannies & Climate Red Line event


Here is news coverage of today’s rally in Salem at Dept of State Lands, protesting the Pacific Connector pipeline & LNG export terminal.

Statesman Journal coverage

Oregon Public Broadcasting coverage


And so was the Sun Queen!

Here is the beautiful, finished video from our November 28 Global March for Climate Solutions. Enjoy and distribute widely!

Click here.


Check out this inspiring, energizing video from 350 featuring snippets of Nov. 28-29 climate solution marchers from all over the world, INCLUDING our own sun-powered march here in Eugene!!!



Our November 28 Global March for Climate Solutions was a huge success. Hundreds turned out for a beautiful day, a beautiful event. Here is some of the press coverage to date:

Click here for KLCC Radio coverage.

Click here for Register Guard coverage.

Click here for KMTR coverage.

Click here for initial video of the march & human oil drop to sunflower transition.

And here’s another video of oil drop to sunflower:  OFF-ON Video #2

DSCN0047 (1)



Here’s yet another excellent Guest Viewpoint from Mary DeMocker  published in the Register Guard.

Mary DeMocker Guest Viewpoint



Moyers & Company piece on Our Children’s Trust Lawsuit.



350 Eugene Co-Founders (Deb McGee, Patty Hine, and Mary DeMocker) rock it  with this interview on today’s Jefferson Public Radio regarding our upcoming Global March on Climate Solutions – November 28, 2015.

Listen here

Nov. 28, 2015_Global March Poster


Listen to 350 Eugene Co-Founders – Deb McGee and Patty Hine – in their interview with Sam Evans of Non-Profit Eugene. It’s a great overview of how and why 350 Eugene got its start.

Click here to listen.

350 Eugene arriving in NYC

(Debbie-left; Patty-middle; Sara-right)


Delaney Pearson, 350 Eugene’s Media Director, wrote this compelling letter to the editor of the Eugene Weekly concerning Senator Jeff Merkley’s positions re: fossil fuel infrastructure projects.

Click here to read. Scroll down to “Merkley’s Inconsistency.”

delaney photo


Mary DeMocker, 350 Eugene Co-Founder and Art Director, wrote this excellent commentary for the Eugene Weekly regarding our upcoming Global March for Climate Solutions on Saturday, November 28, 2015.

Click here to read Mary’s article