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The commenting process is VERY simple and open through Sept. 21. Read on.

Oregonians’ campaign to stop Jordan Cove LNG won some historic victories lately. Together, we persuaded the state of Oregon to deny Jordan Cove’s Clean Water Act permit, and we broke records for the most comments submitted against the project to state and federal agencies. Yay!

We need to keep up the momentum by telling the State of Oregon to protect the 53 miles of Oregon’s Coastal Zone that would be impacted by the proposed Jordan Cove LNG Project.

Last week, the State of Oregon opened up another important comment period on the Jordan Cove LNG project, called the Coastal Zone Management Act (CZMA) Consistency Review. This permit is Oregon’s opportunity to decide if Jordan Cove LNG’s application to FERC is aligned with Oregon’s local and state laws meant to protect Oregon’s Coastal Zone.

There is no way that this project can be built without violating Oregon’s local and state laws designed to protect the communities and economies of the south coast.

Jordan Cove LNG would be built in a tsunami hazard zone, threatening the health and safety of thousands of people on the coast. It would be the largest source of climate pollution in a coastal region that is already feeling the impacts of climate change. It would also be one of the largest dredging projects in Oregon’s history – threatening cultural resources, and the local crabbing, fishing, and shellfish industries.

Because the State of Oregon already denied the 401 Clean Water Act Permit for the LNG terminal and pipeline, and because Jordan Cove has not secured land use permits on the coast, this project clearly fails to comply with local and state laws. Oregon must deny the CZMA certificate for Jordan Cove LNG.

Please submit your comment to the Oregon Department of Land and Conservation and Development (DLCD) today! The comment period will be open until Saturday, September 21, and the state must make a decision by October 12 unless they agree to an extension.

For more information, including a variety of ways to you can submit a comment (snail mail, from your own e-mail, guides), click here:

Take inspiration and ideas from this letter/email written by Deb McGee on 8/27/19.

Julie Fahey <[email protected]>;

James Manning <[email protected]>;

Marty WIlde <[email protected]>

Dear Representatives,
I am a registered “Intervenor”  (there are over 400 statewide) should there be a legal action against the Jordan Cove energy project.
As you know, we are in a third round of defeating this 235 mile pipeline and LNG export terminal project.
Intervenors receive filings of all comments written to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission regarding the  permitting process. Last month there was a “flood” of out of state elected officials writing comments to FERC supporting approval of the pipeline and export facility in Coos Bay. Finally an explanation for why all these “electeds” were weighing in this third time.

If you have not read this please do.
“Energy lobbyists changed politicians’ official letters supporting gas project.

The Consumer Energy Alliance made substantial edits to lawmaker op-eds about the controversial Jordan Cove Energy Project.”

Also, peaceful non-violent Oregon citizens (like those of us in 350 Eugene) who organize for clean air and clean water are being “targeted”.
With the Trump administration’s energy dominance position, we face a whole different level of pressure to cause this project to go through.
We need Climate Champions!
I am asking each of you, for the sake of Oregonian’s health and well being and the safety of all living things, to become champions for defeating this project. We stand at 415 ppms of pollution and growing when we must return to 350ppms. The worlds Oceans are collapsing. Scientist say if we don’t change we have less than 10 years before climate tipping points begin to domino out of control and we experience “climate collapse”.


Stopping the Jordan Cove export project is something we can do in Oregon to help address climate crisis.
350 and other environmental and citizen activists have your backs.
Let us know how we can support you!
350 Eugene is in the process of forming a PAC and hopes to support all future Climate Champions running for office at all levels!
Debby McGee
Citizen and 350Eugene Volunteer