laurie laurie, April 3, 2018

In this exciting, educational, challenging competition, we’re taking action on the 100 most substantive solutions to global warming. Stretch your limits, earn points, and compete for prizes! Take the challenge, and see how three weeks of action add up to a lifetime of change for you and the planet.

Challenge yourself to new ways of living and being for the 21 days of the EcoChallenge. Share this experience as part of a team, to support members to meet goals, have fun and earn points. Participants independently choose which challenges they want to tackle, which come from the 100 solutions in the book Drawdown (Paul Hawken, ed, 2017).

These solutions vary in the type of action to take (change in personal habit, political participation, educating oneself, making a financial donation), in the amount of effort to complete a challenge, and the amount of points earned when completed. Our actions in this effort are practices that can become life-long habits, with positive outcomes for the planet, and positive effects on our outlook for our future.

The EcoChallenge start on April 4th and ends on April 25th. Start earning points today!  Go to

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