laurie laurie, September 11, 2019

Eugene, Oregon—September 11, 2019

The climate crisis is here now. June and July 2019 saw the highest average worldwide temperature ever recorded for those months. All along the Pacific Coast, trees are dying of drought, vast swathes of vital forests are burning away, smoke is clouding our prized clean air, and people are being forced from their homes and losing everything they own.

Friday, September 20, people in the Eugene/Springfield area are joining millions of youth and adults in 117 countries worldwide who have pledged to walk out of their schools, jobs, and homes to say enough is enough. Our elected leaders are failing to do their job to protect our livelihoods and our childrens’ futures, so we must come together in great numbers to disrupt business as usual and demand the change needed to avert climate catastrophe. “Transforming and mobilizing our local communities is key to building a livable and just future,” says Eloise Parish Mueller, co-founder of Sunrise Eugene.

At noon on September 20, students of all ages will march from South Eugene High School to the Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza at Oak Street and 8th Avenue, where Sunrise Eugene has planned a huge rally. Following speeches and musical performances in the plaza, a select group of youth leaders, experienced climate justice advocates, and elected officials will sojourn to Harris Hall and host a flipped council meeting, which will be live-streamed to the plaza. Elected officials are invited to question a panel of youth and climate justice advocates about their demands and plans for ambitious climate action.

Events and non-violent actions continue into that evening and every day throughout the following week. Sponsors include 350 Eugene, Sunrise Eugene, Extinction Rebellion Eugene, and many allies in the Global Climate Strike Coalition.

Coalition members will take part in the Eugene Parade and at Eugene Sunday Streets on September 22. At the city council and county commissioners’ meetings on September 23 and 24 respectively, members of 350 Eugene will declare a climate emergency and hold a press conference.

Mass bike rides, public art and musical expression, sit-ins, teach-ins, watch parties, flash mobs, and more are planned to raise awareness of the gravest existential threat ever faced by humanity, and to show our leaders they must take real action and enact real solutions.

The entire community is encouraged to participate. For more information go to

Patty Hine (350 Eugene), 458209-6295
Eloise Parish Mueller (Sunrise Eugene), 541-972-5379