laurie laurie, January 19, 2018

Avery McRae – Youth Plaintiff



Any day now, Our Children’s Trust expects to hear from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals concerning the federal case of Juliana et al vs. the United States. We are hopeful that the Court’s decision will be in favor of the 21 youth plaintiffs and that the case will move forward to trial, though the trial will be delayed from its originally scheduled date of February 5, 2018.  (Click here to view the December 11, 2017 oral arguments before the three-judge 9th Circuit panel.)

Mary Christina Wood is the Philip H. Knight Professor of Law and Faculty Director of the school’s Environmental and Natural Resources Law Center. She is also the author of the ground-breaking text – Nature’s  Trust: Environmental Law for a New Ecological Age. In this exclusive video, she is interviewed by 350 Eugene’s Danny Pearson concerning highlights of the federal case to date, the December 11, 2017 oral arguments, her pioneering Atmospheric Trust Litigation as the legal framework for the case, and steps moving forward.

We are profoundly grateful to Professor Wood for sharing her time with us.  In thanks to her, the legal team at Our Children’s Trust and the 21 youth plaintiffs, we ask that you share this video widely and follow her sage advice given the “mind blowing urgency” of this crisis – “announce the emergency in every forum possible.”


Video/Photo Credits: Don Ewing, Krystal Grube