Are you ready to get involved in local climate activism?

Please join us in the Drawdown Eugene campaign as we advocate for successful planning, completion and adoption of the City of Eugene’s Climate Action Plan 2 (CAP 2).

The term “Drawdown” comes from the inspired work of Paul Hawken and colleagues.

Where would you like to plug in?


You don’t need to have any prior knowledge or experience with politics. Bring whatever skills you have and learn with us!

Contact Linda Heyl: [email protected]

Monthly Drawdown meetings take place on the second Monday of the month at First United Methodist Church (1376 Olive St) from 5:00-6:30 pm. We use this time to check in, note what we’ve completed, discuss new priorities, and to learn from, support and inspire each other.

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January 2020 Update on the Climate Action Plan

For two years, we have been pushing for the City of Eugene to allow community members to be involved in the content development of the Climate Action Plan.  Now, in literally the final week when approval was scheduled, the city has acknowledged that the Draft Climate Action Plan is not adequate, and the community is going to help them fix it!
The City will convene a Mayor’s Ad Hoc Committee or Advisory Group made up of community representatives who will meet for three months to “make adjustments” before bringing back the final CAP.
350 Eugene representatives will be part of the Committee.
It will be a TON of work, but there’s no other work we’d rather be doing.  We plan to be relentless for the Climate, Energizer Bunnies for the Climate, bulldogs and bulldozers for the Climate!  We hope to have more details to share on Monday night!
Thank you, 350 Eugene Activists, for determination and guts!  We spoke truth to power, and they heard us!
Thank you to everyone who was sick at their stomachs and lost sleep over the Large Lever Shareholders, and the Gap Strategies, but persevered over two long years!
Thank you to everyone who thought, and strategized and acted!  You came out to rallies, to council meetings and work sessions, wrote letters to the papers, gave interviews, and spoke to community organizations!
The CAP 2.0 is delayed a bit, but finally the community can contribute to a strong framework.  Then maybe implementation can be a local Green New Deal-style plan for the next ten years!