Are you ready to get involved in local climate activism?


Please join us in the Drawdown Eugene campaign as we advocate for successful planning, completion and adoption of the City of Eugene’s Climate Action Plan 2 (CAP 2).  The term “Drawdown” comes from the inspired work of Paul Hawken and colleagues.

Download this doc for an overview of current Drawdown campaign activities.

Where would you like to plug in?

You don’t need to have any prior knowledge or experience with politics. Bring whatever skills you have and learn with us!

Contact Linda Heyl: [email protected]

Monthly Drawdown meetings take place on the second Monday of the month at First United Methodist Church (1376 Olive St) from 5:00-6:30 pm. We use this time to check in, note what we’ve completed, discuss new priorities, and to learn from, support and inspire each other.

For more information , click on the links below:

Eugene Climate Recovery Ordinance, 2016:

350 Eugene’s Action Priorities for the Climate Action Plan:

Climate Action Plan Forecast report, April 2019:–Goals-Gap-Analysis

Eugene’s Community Sector-Based Greenhouse Gas Inventory, 2017 and the Consumption-based GHG Inventory, 2013:

Sign this Petition!

Eugene needs a Climate Accountability and Advisory Board! This Board would be established by the City of Eugene to provide community input during the ongoing implementation phases of the Climate  Action Plan.  Input from those most affected is vitally needed to assure climate justice as our way of life adjusts to the end of fossil fuels. Click here and sign today!


Summer 2019 Update


We are in a climate emergency!!!  Drawdown Eugene is organizing for Community Solutions.  There are now 5 Action Groups moving this work forward.  Contact Linda Heyl for further info about any group.

a. Step Out! For Zero Carbon (Walking group). Meets first and third Monday of each month, 3:00 at Perugino’s on Willamette

b. Climate Revolutions by Bike

  • Family-friendly bike ride, first Saturday of each month, 2 PM, Monroe Park (for now)
  • Between Rides organizing meeting, fourth Sunday of each month, 4:00 at Falling Sky Deli, Blair Ave

c. 350 Bike Team: contact Linda Heyl about next meeting date

d, Increase Transit Ridership Action Group:   Contact Linda Heyl about next meeting date

e. Electrification of Transportation Action Group: Meets 4th Wednesday of each month, 6:00-7:00, LCC Downtown Campus, 4th floor conference room by elevator.

f. There is also a Lane County Climate Action Group (not under the Drawdown umbrella). Meets first Wednesday of each month, UU church, 13th Street, 6:00-7:30

The City of Eugene’s continues plodding its path to making a Climate Action Plan, which is due for completion by the end of 2019.


There are 3 targets that the CAP is designed to reach.  But currently there are yawning gaps!

How will these gaps be filled, to complete the job?  City staff have given the City Councilors 11 Gap Strategy Options to consider.  A negotiation of a new franchise agreement with Northwest Natural, the local gas utility, is an integral component.  The Drawdown Energy Committee has given the councilors our recommendations regarding the Gap Strategy Options relating to NWN Gas.

At Council’s work session held June 17, 2019 we were thrilled that the CAP Equity Panel submitted its report with about 40 strong recommendations developed by representatives of Eugene’s frontline communities .  But we were underwhelmed with the City staff’s update on the Gap Strategies, and council didn’t give staff any clear directions on next steps. The process has become frustratingly slow, showing no urgency for actions needed NOW!  Council must make decisions about how to fill the gaps to reach the CAP targets!

Write your councilor, urging them to provide leadership.  Ask which Gap Strategies they will recommend to complete the CAP.  Ask that they give clear direction to the Sustainability staff so they can finalize the CAP and get on with implementation.  Find your Councilor here:

Tell them we don’t have time to waste!