laurie laurie, March 2, 2019


Greetings, Climate Community!

Thank you for attending the Climate Town Hall – Community Organizing for Solutions last Thursday. It was an amazing and productive experience. The snow conditions have slowed us down a bit, so this will be the first of the follow-up emails we promised.
Appreciation to all of you who stuck with and then stepped up during the fast-paced “35” activity. The top six ideas are:
1) Laws & fines for people and businesses that do not follow policies for environmental changes (hit them in the pocketbook) – Convener: Julia Wolley
2) Make walking and biking safer – Conveners: Karyn Shultz & Janet Whiteside
3) Insist that Lane County develop a Climate Action Plan – Conveners: Lisa Arkin, Al LePage, Monica McClellan, Fred Mallery and Michael Carrigan
4) Year-round daily access to locally grown produce / covered space to meet and exchange foods – Conveners: Shelly Fort & Angela van Patten
5) Big expansion of LTD w/ addition of smaller vehicles to serve poorly accessed areas – Conveners: Emily Meng and Don Norden
6) No New Fossil Fuel Infrastructure in Eugene or Lane County – Conveners: Praise & Susan Reynolds
LET’S GET STARTED! Volunteer conveners & work group members are encouraged to come. Many of us will be meeting at the Public Interest Environmental Law Conference “Open Space” session to get started NOW organizing our six best ideas: THIS FRIDAY, March 1st, from 2:45 to 5:45pm with facilitator, Tree Bressen. “Self-organized sessions on topics of your choice! Come discuss, convene, co-create, consult, offer, problem-solve, strategize together, & more.” See you at the EMU Ballroom at UO.
We will be contacting the volunteer work area Conveners with resources for next steps in the coming days, including meeting space resources, facilitation assistance and ongoing support.
We will also send out a complete list of all ideas in the next email. It is chocked full of promising organizing areas.
If you would like to see the Town Hall live stream recording, here’s the link:
Please take this survey to give us your feedback about the Climate Town Hall event:
Todd Boyle shot video of the wonderful & inspiring speakers (thanks, Todd):
Here are Robert Scherle’s photos of the event:
What’s next? Save the date for the Climate Town Hall on April 11th. Details to follow.
It’s time to organize like we never have before.The solutions are here. Let’s build the political will together to get it done! We’re starting here!
Gratitude & solidarity!
For the Climate Town Hall Planning Team