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Global Events (from

Die In at Chase Bank

Photo By Robert Scherle

At a total of over 7.6 million and still counting, the week of Global Climate Strikes is on par with the 2003 anti-Iraq war protest as one of the largest coordinated global protests in History. From September 20 to 27, millions of students, parents, trade unions, businesses, health workers, scientists, celebrities, people of all backgrounds, ages, regions and faiths came together in all corners of the globe calling for climate action. More than 6,100 events were held in 185 countries, with the support of 73 Trade Unions, 820 civil society organizations, 3,000 companies and 8,500 websites.

Local Events

Youth March to the Die In at Chase Bank

Photo By Robert Scherle

What a week! Congrats to all the awesome organizers, artists, speakers, wranglers, performers (and more) who pulled off the most amazing week of climate actions Eugene’s ever seen! It’s because we are a COALITION: together we are strong. Affinity group leaders and supporters, all your work paid off.

What’s Next?

This year is going to be pivotal. There’s momentum to change the zeitgeist and demand the kind of future young people across the world deserve. Are you in? Check out our local campaigns page to get started.

Also, join us on a webinar¬†“We Are Unstoppable: Building a Movement to Shut Down Fossil Fuels” on Thursday, October 3 at 5:00 pm Pacific Time.

This webinar will be about plugging folks into ongoing climate movement work, including 350’s campaigns and your local groups. Please spread the word about this call. Given the excitement we’re hoping it will be big, and we already have 1500 RSVPs.¬†Sign up using the links and you can participate from the comfort of your easy chair, if you have one!

Die In September 2019

Photo By Robert Scherle