Join this dynamic group working with legislators and a statewide consortium to get carbon pricing legislation passed in Oregon.   We meet the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month at First United Methodist Church (1376 Olive St)  5:30-6:30 pm in the meeting room next to lobby office.

Contact Linda Kelley for getting involved with this campaign – [email protected]  All are welcome!

July 2019

What can we do now?

Governor Brown affirmed for Oregonians there is unfinished business in 2019 on climate protection and she intends to use all the tools and powers available to her to finish it. As we head into a season when climate change impacts are most visceral for our state, the Governor can define her legacy by leading Oregon to do our share to combat this global crisis, while growing our economy and cleaning our air here at home.


Governor Brown will move forward with the confidence that thousands of Oregonians, our broad, diverse coalition, and  the will of the voters is firmly behind her to do whatever it takes to protect our state from the ravages of climate change, to hold large polluters accountable for their emissions, and invest in communities in all corners o fOregon to make a transition to a clean energy economy.


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June 2019

Stay tuned for a synopsis of the latest events re: HB2020B.


May 2019 Carbon Reduction Bill Update:

Great news! the Carbon Reduction Bill  HB2020A (formerly the Clean Energy Jobs Bill), was voted out of the Joint Committee on Carbon Reduction on Friday May 17th. The vote was along party lines with 8 Democrats voting for and 5 Republicans against. One Republican, Senator Olsen, was absent.

94 amendments have been added on to the original bill. These have been surprisingly good and have strengthened the bill in a number of ways. Most important is holding the 2035 interim climate goals, delineating where proceeds will be spent more specifically, which includes 20% to agricultural and working lands, 40% to impacted/low income communities and 10% to tribes, See our coalition partner SOCAN link below for details.

Now the bill goes to the Natural Resources Committee Ways and Means. It is crucial that it moves through this committee quickly and passes onto the floor for a vote before the end of the session this year:

What we need to do now:

Thank the democratic members who have served on the Joint Committee on Carbon Reduction with expertise, respect and enormous patience. Link is below to their contact information. Co-chairs Dembrow and Powers in particular.

Watch the May 17 committee meeting to get a sense of how and why committee members voted. Scroll down to archives and choose May 17th.

Contact members of the Ways and Means Committee and advocate for quick passage. We have 4 local legislators on that committee Senator Beyer, Rep Holvey, Rep Nathanson, and Senator Manning.

It is up to us here locally to support them in getting their work done quickly knowing their constituents are behind them.

Hopefully we are in the home stretch.

Passing HB2020A will be an enormous victory and good cause to celebrate!

Other Bills that support HB2020:

  • SB 98 Requires Public Utility Commission to adopt by rule large renewable natural gas program and small renewable natural gas program.
  • HB 3433 Requires certain state agencies and colleges at Oregon State University to conduct studies on opportunities for greenhouse gas sequestration by and emissions reductions from activities related to Oregon’s natural and working lands and in Oregon’s forest products, agricultural and building materials industries, transportation sector and electricity sector.


HB2020A support document final

Carbon Reduction Joint 2019 committee members

Why SOCAN Supports HB2020 updated

HB2020 updated

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