Meet Our Board of Directors

Patty Hine, President
Patty was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. After college, she joined the U.S. Navy, traveling and working in leadership / financial management positions. She retired from the service in Eugene in 1998. She lives on five acres in rural Lane County with her partner of 26 years, Deb McGee, where they raised their three children. Seeing the effects of ever hotter, drier summers on the forests and in her gardens, she began to study global warming and became increasingly alarmed. As a lay leader at First United Methodist Church in Eugene, starting in 2001, Patty became a leader in local interfaith organizing around social justice and climate change. With the advent of Occupy Wall Street in 2011, and the Keystone XL Pipeline crisis, Patty volunteered with Deb to be Eugene’s KXL Action Leads to train citizens for civil disobedience actions if the pipeline was approved. It turns out that was a perfect place to apply both military and teaching skills. In 2013, Patty and Deb met Mary DeMocker, a local writer and “Climate Mom,” who suggested we work together to start a local chapter to fight for a stable climate future. In the last six years, the group has grown and expanded its work through local, state and regional climate justice efforts. During this pivotal moment in human history, Patty is dedicating the rest of her life to protecting the planet we all need and love.

Laurie Powell, Secretary
Laurie serves as the secretary to the Board and is also a member of the Resilience/Regeneration work group. Reading the book “Six Degrees: Our Future on a Hotter Planet”, an interview with Mary DeMocker and Kathleen Dean Moore, and the passing of Laurie’s beloved mother in 2013 inspired her to take an active role in fighting the climate crisis. She attended 350 Eugene’s inaugural meeting in January 2014 and has been involved in one capacity or another ever since. Laurie and her husband enjoy spending time with her 94-year old father (a proficient climate banner painter), their dogs, chickens, and growing and preserving much of their own food while trading gardening tips with beloved friends and family. In her professional life, Laurie works for the Center on Brain Injury Research and Training at the University of Oregon, conducting research, development, and advocacy projects in the service of adults who have sustained traumatic brain injuries.

Elliott Grey, Treasurer

Betzi Hitz, Co-Treasurer

Betzi grew up on a dryland wheat farm in Kansas where she first experienced the consequences of environmental pollution. Her farmer father died too early from pesticide exposure. She became intensely interested in the scientific magic of “seed to cell”. After working 25 years as a nutrition professional in the high desert of Albuquerque, she moved to the gardener’s paradise of Eugene in 2015 to engage in her main passions… growing food, hiking, visiting her daughter’s family in San Francisco, and working with 350 Eugene. She currently serves on the Board of Directors as Co-Treasurer, is involved in the Drawdown Eugene campaign and Resilience workgroup, and generally shows up whenever and wherever Climate Action is needed. Her Climate “ah-ha” seed was sown while watching “An Inconvenient Truth” in 2006 and was fully sprouted halfway through “Chasing Ice” in 2013. Living with the unfolding Climate Crisis informs all her actions. She enjoys the challenge of transforming her small urban home into a model for sustainability, including a heat pump, solar panels and a lawn landscape turned food-growing Mecca. Her next project is greywater use. Sadly, there is no room for chickens.

Deb McGee, Director
Deb McGee has lived in Lane county for 40 years. She retired from careers as a K-12 public school counselor, a non profit mental health provider and a University instructor. She raised two daughters in their 800 square foot log house on five acres in the country. Deb has always been an avid homesteader, subsistence farmer, and is chief engineer on the farm she shares with partner, now wife, of 26 years, Patty Hine. She lives daily with the breakdown of the climate on her farm. Together, with Patty, she is dedicating the last chapter of her life to mobilizing the community to confront climate collapse and bring into being the just transition to clean renewable energy. She has been significantly less depressed about the climate crisis since her peaceful, non-violent civil disobedience and arrest, blocking tar sand oil trains in 2016.

Meet Our Contractors

Linda Perrine, Special Projects Coordinator
Linda has a background in bringing together diverse interests to accomplish a goal. She managed an $8M budget while at NASA/JSC managing the Space Shuttle flight control application software development for the new Mission Control Center. She spent 5 years as a software engineer for Adobe Systems in San Jose, CA. At 35 years of age, Linda left high-tech to work on behalf of the planet as an environmental educator at Walden West Outdoor Science School as well as one year at Penn State University teaching a sustainable living course. She has served as a farm manager for a startup educational organic farm in Sunnyvale, CA and raised over $200K to launch Full Circle Farm. She launched Honor Earth Farm here in Lane County in 2008, a certified organic farm and farm vendor at the Eugene Saturday farmers market. Additionally, Linda helped expand organic hazelnut production in Oregon by leading the launch of the Oregon Organic Hazelnut Cooperative in 2018. Linda also served on the Lane County Farmers Market Board from 2013 – 2016 and was a key contributor on the LCFM Site Expansion committee that eventually lead to the proposed new LCFM home as part of the Town Square development. Most recently, she has been involved in Climate Action organizing with 350 Eugene as the project manager for Eugene Carbon Free Challenge and Lane County Climate Action, along with serving on the Drawdown campaign as a policy contributor.

Eowyn Soran, Outreach and Communications Coordinator
Eowyn is a 22-year-old queer environmental justice activist and community organizer raised in Eugene, Oregon. They began organizing at the age of 13 in support of unhoused people and youth survivors of human trafficking. In 2017, they left college to pursue climate justice work. In 2018 and 2019, Eowyn worked as an organizer for Our Children’s Trust, a national youth-led climate litigation organization behind the esteemed lawsuit Juliana v. United States. At OCT, Eowyn organized large-scale events, coordinated legal and community outreach to diverse communities, and traveled across the country to educate young people and faith communities about climate action. At 350 Eugene, Eowyn conducts outreach to allies and community members and coordinates correspondence and media campaigns. Eowyn is a member of the Neighborhood Anarchist Collective and participates in direct action organizing in the Pacific Northwest. You can typically either find them in a tree in the Willamette National Forest or writing metal and folk music.

Meet Our Leadership and Support Teams

  • Mary Addams: Bookkeeper
  • Laura Allen (right) and Sue Macomson (left): 350 Families
  • Chuck Areford - 350 Letters to the Editor Coordinator
  • Todd Boyle: Videographer
  • Michael Carrigan: CALC, Non-Violent Direct Action Co-Trainer, Peace Keeper
  • Elizabeth Chandler: Oregon Fracked Gas Resistance Coalition Lead, Resilience Work Group, Breakfree PNW
  • Sandra Clark: On-temporary leave; Oregon Fracked Gas Resistance (OFGR), Merry Mischief, Non-Violent Direct Action Lead Trainer, Break Free PNW

  • Mary DeMocker: Co-Founder, Author of The Parents’ Guide to Climate Revolution (New World Library 2018). Foreword by Bill McKibben
  • In Memoriam: Don Ewing - Videographer, Photographer, Cap the Gases
  • Rouanna Garden - Electric Transportation Group, Interfaith Earthkeeper
  • Pam Garrison: 350 Eugene Medics Coordinator
  • Jenny Gordon: Resilience Work Group
  • Linda Heyl: Drawdown Eugene Coordinator, Eugene Community Climate Coalition Lead
  • Leonard Higgins: Extinction Rebellion (XR), Tech support, Break Free PNW, Valve Turner
  • Linda Kelley: Cap the Gases Coordinator, Regenerative Agriculture Liaison
  • Joanie Kleban : Artivism Director
  • Christa Knittle: Artivist, Break Free PNW, Hospitality

  • Jim Neu: No New Fossil Fuel Infrastructure, Drawdown Eugene
  • Terry Parker: Transit Action Group, Oregon Fracked Gas Resistance, Database management/trainer
  • Carolyn Partridge: Break Free PNW, Artivist, Oregon Fracked Gas Resistance

  • Danny Pearson: Media Support
  • Delaney Pearson: Media Support
  • Linda Perrine: Carbon Free Challenge Project Manager, Green New Deal Campaign Lead, Drawdown Eugene
  • Steve Piercy - Technology consultant and support; Bike Team
  • Robert Scherle: Photographer
  • Tomoko Sekiguichi - Climate Revolutions by Bike