350 Eugene is a  501(c)(3) local affiliate of, an organization dedicated to helping raise awareness of and organizing direct action around institutions and policies driving climate change.

350 is the safe upper limit of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, measured in parts per million (ppm), above which the planet is in a state of climate crisis. We are currently at 410 ppm (Check here for updates to this figure.)

Since our formation as a chapter in January of 2014, we have been building a grassroots movement to advocate for rapidly moving off fossil fuels and harmful land use practices while transitioning to a clean energy economy and, in the process, transforming our world into a livable, joyful and just place.

Through symbols, art and creative actions, we help visualize both the problems and the solutions to climate change for our communities, the media, and our leaders. Creative ways of communicating often speak more directly to our hearts, and provide a beautiful reminder of what we strive to protect.

For more background information, read Kaja Rebane’s ( January 2019 Interview  – Building a Community of Leaders – with 350 Eugene’s Deb McGee and Patty Hine

Also, take a look at Jim Neu’s 7-minute video describing some of 350 Eugene’s activities, including an explanation of 350 ppm, how we work with the City of Eugene to meet its climate recovery goals, and our joint effort with the city to help plant giant sequoias in memory of Don Ewing. (Thanks to the City of Eugene for this video.)