The 350 Eugene Speakers Bureau is an alliance of volunteers who talk to community groups about climate change, with the aim of inspiring others to make personal change and to take political action. Our ultimate goal is a significant and timely reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, with a focus on social equity and justice.

Our slide show presentations are engaging and informative, reviewed by our group, each with a somewhat different style. Our speakers give the science behind climate change, connect the changes of our climate with current and potential future environmental effects, and share solutions for reducing anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. We talk honestly about the serious and urgent nature of our largest planetary problem, and take an optimistic and encouraging approach to solutions. We are glad to share resources and opportunities for joining others in actions.

If you are a member of a church, community, neighborhood association, union, club or group of friends, please contact us about speaking to your group (10 or more people). Email [email protected].