Deni Deni, 01/23/2016

Elgin Green Groups 350 members walked with 350Kishwaukee, NIL Justice League, Fox Valley Citizens for Peace and Justice and Green Paws Environmental Alliance (NIU Student Group) in DeKalb to highlight the potential of millions of gallons of crude oil to spill from pipelines that now or are planned to crisscross Illinois. Locally, Enbridge’s Line 61 runs through Boone, DeKalb, LaSalle, and Livingston counties. Enbridge is currently constructing pumping stations designed to increase the pressure in Line 61 to increase the flow to 1,200,000 barrels per day, triple the existing flow rate and nearly 150% the flow rate of the Keystone XL pipeline.

These demonstrations were held to mark the end of the Paris climate change talks and also let everyone know there is a lot more to do. Only grass roots action will work!


Our two-headed oil pipeline snake represented tar sands pipelines that are ‘twinned’ to avoid environmental regulations and double their pumping of dirty tar sands, which is about 10% oil and 90% clay. Enbridge is now proposing a second line to run parallel to Line 61.

Quickly and quietly Enbridge and tar sands companies are getting pipelines in the ground in Illinois to pump tar sands oil across Illinois and the Midwest, do light refining and export to other countries. We get the risks and Enbridge, a Canadian company, gets the profit. By using their status as a utility they can use eminent domain and even ‘quick take’ in some Illinois counties. So they can put their pipelines on your property and pump the dirtiest, most energy intensive oil product on earth without landowners’ permission!


Members of Northern Illinois Justice League created this two headed pipeline to represent the proposed ‘twin’ pipeline slated to run next to line 61 through Illinois.

Marchers also walked with Fox Valley Citizens for Peace and Justice, Occupy Elgin, 350Kishwaukee, and Northern Illinois Justice League in Elgin.

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