Our leadership team is composed of local residents, experts, & advocates who are passionate about bold climate action in our Eastside communities. Check out the members of our steering committee below.

Lin Hagedorn

Climate activist/organizer. Worked as a Dental Hygienist since 1980 in a variety of practice settings and now recently retired.

I had the pleasure of Interning with 350 Seattle in 2013-14, and then was asked, by Alec Connon, along with five others, to launch 350 Eastside in September 2015. Through the mentorship of Alec, 350 Seattle, and the broader 350 networks we have provided a home for climate activists here on the Eastside. Much of our work on the Eastside also includes collaborating with other environmental and justice groups already well-established and supporting their work. Organizing has been a part of my volunteer life through my work with organizations like CWS (Church World Service), Meaningful Movies, and the UCC (United Church of Christ). It has been good to take that experience and apply it to systemic justice change work with a focus on the environment while also acknowledging the interconnectedness of all justice issues.


Sara Holzknecht


Marilyn Mayers


Emily Powell


Phil Ritter, CPA

Independent nonprofit consultant since 2000 with clients including nonprofit housing developers, foundations and local governments. Interim positions have included Executive Director,Chief Financial Officer and Property Management Director.

Senior management positions for five years each at Mid-Peninsula Housing Coalition in the South Bay and Burbank Housing in Santa Rosa.

Grantmaking and Monitoring consultant with foundations and corporations in the San Francisco area for eight years working on a wide range of issues including the needs of undocumented immigrants and homeless families, environmental and community health issues and funding for affordable housing.

Past Board member of California Housing Partnership, Peaceworkers,  Nonviolent Peaceforce, American Friends Service Committee and Center for Independent Living. Involved in nonviolent action campaigns related to wars,  nuclear weapons/power, Apartheid, homelessness, immigrant and refugee rights and the Climate Crisis.


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