Spring is in the air, and we’re looking forward to these events this month:


350 Eastside March Gathering: March 17, 7-8:30pm

Join our monthly gathering to connect with others in your community, get an update on how you can take action during this year’s state legislative session, and join in some good virtual conversation!


Meeting ID: 895 6571 6991

Passcode: 407545


March 23, 2021: NatureWalk Series: Oceans & Waterways. 7:00-8:30


We’ve all had powerful, sometimes transformative experiences of Nature.i Nature Walks offer an opportunity for us to convene virtually and share experiences, poetry and stories of how the ocean and waterways move us.

In this last session of the series, we will share feelings we experience in relation to the ocean and waterways. Come share some of your own photos, stories or experiences of water–viewing it from afar, immersing yourself in it or on boating on top of it. Our goal is to build a deeper appreciation of the energies in the ocean and rivers that can help us heal ourselves and our relationship to nature.

To join, go to https://esuc.org/event/nature-walks-2021-03-23/


350.org Skilling Up for Climate Action Series:

  • March 20th – Strategic Messaging (Led by 350 New Hampshire)
  • April 10th – Organizing and Movement Building (Led by MN350)
  • May 15th – Policy Advocacy (Led by 350 Bay Area)
  • May 22nd: Strategic Campaigning: (Led by 350 Massachusetts/Better Future Project)

Sign up here!


In Hope,

350 Eastside- Marilyn, Phil, Lin, Lynn, Emily, & Sara