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Road Revolution!

Cebu road becomes park for a day

By Bernadette Parco

CEBU CITY — It was an environment-conscious Independence Day celebration for  Cebuanos Sunday, as Cebu City’s Osmeña Blvd. stayed free of vehicular traffic for 16 hours.

Road Revolution turned the …

“YES 350!” Korean to share whole world on ambitious climate action!

In Aprill 4th Korea Green Foundation (KGF) took part in 350 Korea committee inauguration and ‘350 performance’ with the members of committee and 350 citizens. 
At the inauguration, Se-joong Lee, Chairman of board of directos of Korea Green Foundation (KGF) …

Eco-generation and (East-Asia)

Introduce:  I am Chan Lee. I am 15years old. I’m from South Korea. I will work hard for

Eco-generation is an environmental organization and network for youth in Asia and Pacific areas. Samsung Engineering made this organization for CSR …