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New Alliance calls for 350 in Philippines!

Last week I got this note from Vince Cinches in Cebu Philippines:

A new network that will campaign for 350 was created this morning, The Cebu Alliance for Governance on Health and the Environment (CAGHE). Cebu was instrumental for …

Green Party with 350Vietnam

Tiện ích upload ảnh miễn phí, không cần đăng ký! |

With the desire of following 5 million adults vegetarians in US, 400 millions of Indian, and many other famous and outstanding vegetarians all over the world, 350Vietnam organised such a memorable green party for free joining.

By sharing information of …

Double joy for war on coal in this region

We are witnessing history in the making in this region when environmentalist, campaigners and anti-coal groups can rejoice seeing our efforts pay off. We just heard good news from the Philipines and now even better in Malaysia!

Check out this …