East Asia Climate Leadership Camp Highlights

The East Asia Climate Leadership Camp is an annual gathering of youth climate leaders to learn, collaborate and organize climate campaigns in the region.

A regional community of inspiring action

By Avril De Torres

Last week, I had the amazing opportunity of joining the East Asia Climate Leadership Camp hosted by 350.org East Asia. I met these wonderful climate leaders from 10 different East Asian countries working on researches, campaigns, advocacies, and community empowerment on climate justice.

We discussed the Fossil Free Campaign, which has three demands: 1. Not a penny more for fossil fuel projects, 2. No to new coal plants, and 3. 100% renewable energy. Then, we planned the necessary work for the months ahead!


We also visited Khao Hinsorn, a village mainly composed of organic farmers who successfully fought off a 600MW coal project after 10 years of struggle! Their campaign consisted of organizing a public market for their organic products outside the Office of Natural Resources and Environmental Policy and Planning and writing their own Community Health Impact Assessment (CHIA) Report in partnership with a local university. The farmers themselves collected data and conducted the surveys needed. The CHIA report alone blew my mind. Such an inspiring story!

EACLC in videos

A video reportback shot and editd by Nopporn Muangpruan

Here’s some video highlights from the East Asia Climate Leadership Camp.

EACLC 2018 in Photos

Climate leaders from 10 Asian countries converge for 3 days of trainings, skillshares and bearing witness to the impacts of fossil-fueled development to communities. The East Asia Climate Leadership Camp #EACLC2018 is part of the broader work happening in the region to mobilize on different fronts to promote a just transition to 100% renewable energy. This also aims to support and strengthen communities resisting fossil fuel projects. Photos: Pongsatorn Chatchavasvimol