One of the easiest actions you can take to combat the climate crisis is to support the use of renewable energy for your home. Do it today, in one minute at no extra cost:

100% renewable energy
at the same rate as ComEd.

Hero Power’s Clean Energy Program matches 100% of your electricity consumption with Green-e Certified Renewable Energy Certificates and never charges more than the ComEd rate. Your bill doesn’t change. Your service doesn’t change. No extra fees. Cancel anytime at no cost.

It takes less than two minutes to join Hero Power.  For every individual that joins, Hero Power will donate $25 to 350 Chicago, and you will receive $25 off of your first electricity bill.  Help the planet, support 350 Chicago’s efforts, and save yourself some money in the process!

“It’s important to me to be able to support renewable energy for my own home. I assumed, for the foreseeable future, I would always have to pay more for renewable power. So I was very happy to learn that Hero Power matches ComEd’s rates. That in itself made switching to Hero Power a bit of a no-brainer choice. The effortless signup and the fact that Hero Power is one of the only Green-e Certified providers makes it an all-around win. Thanks, Hero Power!”
– Jerry M, 350 Chicago member and Hero Power customer

To learn more, watch the recording and download the presentation slide deck from our May 2020 Monthly Meeting during which our friends at Hero Power discuss their organization, explain renewable energy certificates, and present the opportunities they are offering now as well as developing for the future to promote the adoption of renewable energy.



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