Larry Larry, November 23, 2022

The climate crisis rages on, and we need your help. 

Our work has never been more urgent, yet there is room for hope. Just this year in Chicago, we won a major divestment victory. At the national level, our government made its biggest investment yet in climate. These wins are incredible, but much work remains.

We have big plans to keep fighting for a livable future, and your support is critical. We are taking our divestment efforts to the state level while continuing our campaign to pressure the Federal Reserve and the big banks to stop financing fossil fuel infrastructure.

Will you invest in 350 Chicago through a gift for Giving Tuesday

Starting today, your gift to 350 Chicago can have TWICE the impact. Thanks to a generous donor who believes in our work, all donations made in the next week will be DOUBLED, up to a total of $10,000. That means your dollars will go twice as far to fight the climate crisis from here in Chicago. 

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We know plenty of organizations are making urgent appeals on #GivingTuesday; we’d be honored for you to choose to donate to us. We are small but effective, and support from our network is critical to our efforts.

With gratitude,

350 Chicago

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