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Thank you to everyone who helped organize and participated in this year’s Fridays for the Future Global Climate Strike!
We’re thrilled to publish our honor roll of environmental heroes and selected photos below.

See details in our previous post here and a fabulous video of the event here.


Our Youth Partners!
Most heartening to me was having the opportunity to support the significant youth contingent, as various Sunrise Movement chapters lead the march. Fridays for the Future is not just about taking action to avoid the dire consequences of climate change but recognizing and supporting the next generation of environmental activists. Youth leader Danica Sun, of the Chicago Climate Youth Coalition, was a force of nature and the heart and soul of the event. Learn more about the Sunrise Movement here and the Chicago Climate Youth Coalition here.


Greta Thunberg!
A larger-than-life image of Greta Thunberg at the march was inspirational throughout. It reminded me not only of her great success but the personal sacrifices she has made to be an international environmental leader. The demonstration in Chicago and those around the world made it clear that her sacrifices have not been in vain. She has already changed the world and started a chain of events that will make an even greater difference for future generations.


The Dancers!
The march was energized by dancers in vibrant costumes organized by 350 Wisconsin. They performed a flash mob to the Bee Gee’s “Stayin’ Alive” at Chase Plaza and roused the rest of the crowd to participate in an encore with Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive.” You were clearly the darlings of the media adding color, sound, and soul to the event and the coverage. (See media links below in “The Press!” section.)


All of Our Allies!
It was so inspiring to see old and new faces representing a strong coalition of environmental, economic, and social justice groups. Thank you to those who helped to plan and promote the event at all stages and to all the participating groups and individuals. (See list at the bottom of this section.)

The march was a testament to the great city of Chicago, the special connections between the States of Illinois and Wisconsin, and the potential of the Great Lakes region to be a national and international leader in the climate movement. We truly appreciated the presence of and felt great solidarity with all our environmental allies as well as our union and economic justice allies.

A special shout out to our friends at SEIU (Service Employee International Union) and Illinois Green New Deal coalition. It was also wonderful to see downstate allies such as SOIL (Save Our Illinois Land). SOIL drew attention to a proposal for carbon-capture pipelines to be built across Illinois at taxpayer expense as part of a carbon capture scheme, another dirty deal we need to focus on going forward. Read about it here. We also noted and appreciated the contribution of Save Bell Bowl Prairieand ask everyone to support their fight to save an important ecological site in Illinois. Read more here.

If your group is not mentioned below, please forgive us, let us know, and we will add you!

350 Wisconsin, 350 Milwaukee, 350 Chicago, 350 US, Rising Tide Chicago, Progressives of Kane County, Sunrise Movement Chicago, Sunrise Movement Evanston, Fridays for Future, Chicago Climate Youth Coalition, Stop the Money Pipeline, People vs. Fossil Fuels, Extinction Rebellion Chicago, Chicago Area Peace Action, Save Bell Bowl Prairie, SEIU, SOIL, Illinois Green New Deal, and the Illinois Green Party!


The Press!
We were truly heartened and buoyed by the presence of the press and subsequent coverage in local radio and print news outlets. While some national news stations avoid covering climate change for political reasons, this is not the case in Chicago. Consistent press coverage of demonstrations and important political issues educates Chicago citizens and enables the city and the region to continue to build momentum around climate and other economic and social justice issues. Thank you especially to our student journalists. You set a high bar!

See select media coverage below:

Climate crisis activists share fear, hope in downtown march, Chicago Sun-Times

Activist to rally at Pritzker Park Friday as part of worldwide protest to stop climate change, CBS Chicago

Climate change activists march for disinvestment in fossil fuels, WBBM Newsradio

Youth climate activists travel to downtown Chicago to protest fossil fuel legislation, The Daily Northwestern

Fridays for Future leads annual global climate strike, The Columbia Chronicle


Our Own Photographers and Videographers!
Thank you to everyone who took photos and videos but especially to new 350 Chicago member Miriam Eisinger for her stunning photos, featured in this post. Thank you also to our videographer Lynn Van Eaton for a professional, inspiring, and truly moving video. You both created a vivid record of an important event. We can’t thank you enough. See the video here.


350 Leadership!
A very special thanks to lead organizers Emily Park and Larry Coble who organized the march and who were so eloquent and inspiring on the day of. Thank you to all the speakers and all of our 350 leaders and volunteers for your dedication to the cause of curbing climate change and achieving environmental justice.


I was struck again and again by a banner that said, “Only Everyone Can Save Us Now.” So, a sincere thanks to everyone who has supported the environmental movement in the past and to those who continue to fight the good fight. We know you’re out there working hard and making personal sacrifices, and we thank you for everything you do.


Photos credit: Miriam Eisinger, 350 Chicago