Larry Larry, October 26, 2021

Fed up with the lack of climate action? Join in as we visit the Federal Reserve Bank and other institutions that approve and fund dirty energy projects. Featuring speakers, street theater, climate-spooky costumes, & more. 


When: Friday Oct. 29th @ 2 p.m.

Where: Pritzker Park (310 S. State St., Chicago) 

Who: YOU! and the full list of participating orgs below

How: In Costume (think climate-spooky creative)

Learn more, participate, RSVP: Action Network

Spread the word: Facebook


From this summer’s historic droughts and wildfires in the Upper Midwest to police assaults on water protectors during Line 3 protests to the poisoning of our Great Lakes by irresponsible industry, we in the Midwest know the moment is NOW to stand up and speak out. On October 29th, people all over the world will mobilize to demand climate action prior to the UN COP26 Climate Summit in Glasgow. In Chicago, numerous climate justice groups will target the institutions that continue to prop up the fossil fuel industry despite recent years’ increasingly deadly extreme climate events, which overwhelmingly hurt poor and BIPOC communities in our region and globally. 


  • We’ll call on the Federal Reserve and other dirty-energy backers to end fossil-fuel financing,
  • Align Fed spending and asset purchases with the Paris Climate Agreement’s goals, and
  • Encourage bank investment and lending in low-income and communities of color. 
  • We’ll also highlight regional climate fights, including the struggle against the recently completed Line 3, an illegal tar sands pipeline in Ojibwe treaty territory. Line 3 threatens the traditional food and water sources of the Anishinaabe peoples and the drinking water of millions of residents around Lake Michigan, where the pipeline delivers tar sands oil to the Whiting, Indiana, BP Refinery.


We know we deserve a better future. The world we envision is a just, reparative, and vibrant community that honors our kinship with the natural world. In it, 

  • we adapt to our changing climate by equitably investing in BIPOC communities, 
  • we enjoy comprehensive workers’ rights and healthcare for all, 
  • we invest in regenerative agriculture and just food systems,
  • we fund community-led projects for renewable energy, energy efficiency, ecosystem preservation, and restoration, and 
  • we build an accessible, comprehensive system of public and active transportation. 


Do you believe in this vision, too? JOIN US! To learn more and participate, as an individual or as a group, RSVP via Action Network and/or contact 350 Chicago at [email protected]. We plan to feature a broad range of local and regional efforts to advance climate justice. Bring yours to the front! And wear your climate-spooky costume if you like!


Organizations currently involved and organizing (last updated 10/25). Add yours!:

  • Fridays for Future
  • Rising Tide Chicago
  • 350 Chicago
  • 350 Madison
  • New Era Young Lords
  • Extinction Rebellion Chicago
  • Nuclear Energy Information Service
  • Pilsen Environmental Rights and Reform Organization (PERRO)
  • Oak Park Climate Action Network
  • Sunrise Movement Chicago
  • Chicago Area Peace Action

We reject false solutions to the climate crisis, including carbon capture and sequestration, nuclear energy, biofuels, and carbon trading. We already have a wealth of promising technology to achieve our vision, and we are FED UP with greedy special interests blocking their way as they squeeze every last drop of dirty fuels from our planet. Big institutions like the Fed owe us better, and we demand that they throw their weight behind our community-led solutions. JOIN US, and spread the word.